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Full Version: DeLaHoya shocking announcement? (What Will It Be?)
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Pac Leaving Arum?

Story on that possability:

That would be nice right? I doubt it but it would surely shake up the boxing world for a moment.
Highly doubt will probably be one of those Ricky Martin-type announcements from Oscar.
It would be cool, but I doubt it as well. He can't leave Arum as he has a fight already scheduled and I am almost 100% sure there is something in the contract saying that fighter can't change promoters with a scheduled fight..

But honestly? I don't care about Pac's decision making anymore...he doesn't do any...
i dont think he is going to, seems pointless since pacs will retire soon.
Either Oscar is coming out of retirement to fight Julio Jr or he is announcing that he is going back into rehab.
Likely he comes out of retirement. He can fight cotto after mayweather and make great money
Jack 1000
I don't think it will be Pacquaio leaving Arum,

He will either announce a comeback or Golden Boy will be doing a Commercial TV Network Series.

Here is an article that examines what it MIGHT be:

My money is on him dropping his own line of fishnet stockings and lipstick.

Im still waiting on this announcement...
Maybe its related to the Gamboa situation. But I like the idea of gbp fights on local tv other then the 1am Spanish channel ones
Where the hell is the announcement?
QUOTE (iKeNjiro @ Mar 7 2012, 02:34 AM) *
Where the hell is the announcement?

Tell me about it dntknw.gif
He has been sober for 10 months. Which is a lie because the Khan vs. Peterson, that cat was high.
I saw the article about him hoping that Canelo KO's Mosley. Im almost sure that wasn't it...maybe he chickened out on his Ricky Martin announcement...
He was in-between sucking the glass dick when he decided to inform us that an announcement was imminent, it seems. How sad.
QUOTE (MaxPayne @ Mar 9 2012, 12:49 AM) *
He was in-between sucking the glass dick when he decided to inform us that an announcement was imminent, it seems. How sad.

I hope that he's at least a snorter and not smoker laugh.gif At least he can still be classy while snorting, because smoking it is step 2 before hitting rock bottom and shooting it up.
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