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Full Version: Should Roach and other be in the Boxing HOF
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There is an interesting article on the front page Bashir does bring up an interesting point: Does Sly Stallion and Freddie Roach belong in the Hall of Fame? If Freddie belongs doesn't a slue of other trainers belong? Is it because of his Parkinson's on squarely because of Pacquiao? If it is because of Pacquiao then Roger Mayweather should be in the Hall of Fame. Is race an issue? Or is it just bad selections?
I don't think its either, I give it to him for simply training so many great fighers, and he won so many titles with a lot of them, funny how people are in instant disfavour with him when Pacman does bad, cause he's exposed, blah blah blah, he's a HOF trainer on his own merit.
I stopped payin' attention to that HOF shit when Sylvester Stallone was inducted.

1) None of his fighter no how to fight going backwards. And I MEAN NONE

2) He has yet to train someone from beginning of there career to the end. Name one fighter who won a world title that was with him from the beginning to the end.

3.) Every one of his fighter was already taught the basic from someone else. EVEN PAQTARD

4.) He is merely a tune up trainer at best.
QUOTE (BoxingFan86 @ Mar 23 2012, 03:05 PM) *
I stopped payin' attention to that HOF shit when Sylvester Stallone was inducted.

I'm hesitant to ask this for a couple of reasons:

1. B/c I don't want this to come off as anti-Pac or whatnot

2. Inevitably, boxing "snobs" will come out of the woodwork and NOT miss an opportunity to assert, "you don't know boxing"...

That being said, here goes:

Aside from Pac (and I guess you can count Amir, too), what "champ" has he trained? I mean, he was w/ James Toney, but did Toney hold a belt w/ him? Was he w/ him during the Jirov fight?

I'm asking this b/c I have no idea, not to belittle Freddie.
Wasn't this thread opened once before? Wasn't Freddie's medical condition questioned as to why he would be inducted into the HOF? Didn't the author of THAT thread AND this one, pretty much get shut down for that assumption?

My opinion is, if anything, Freddie's a tune-up trainer (as mentioned before) because I dont remember him having a big time champion from day 1. I know that his first champion was Virgil Hill, but thats about it.

Every fighter that he seems to have trained, came to him with their tail tucked between their legs and their pride hurt after a loss or two. Im not trying to take anything away from him, but I may need a bit more history on him.

As we see, Pacquiao is his fighter and he's an 8 division if that's HOF worthy (regardless of whether or not the fighter was there from day 1), then hey, he's got it in the bag.

QUOTE (BoxingFan86 @ Mar 23 2012, 03:05 PM) *
I stopped payin' attention to that HOF shit when Sylvester Stallone was inducted.

It always sounded like a popularity contest to me and I'm not a fan of popularity contests. Achievements and popularity are many times polar opposites.
HOF trainer. He's gotten very lucky with the level of talent he's landed bit he's successful. Vastly overrated though. I think Martinez trainer is massively underrattedhe gives good advise and his fighters always seem prepared and adjust well. Matthysse, campillo, Martinez.
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