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Full Version: Mayweathers future fights planned out?
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I've read both of these articles:

So i was wondering if his future fights are planned out and if pacquiao would be involved in any of the 5 fights, also who do you guys think he'll be fighting?
probably not pac, it'll consist of some sort of Alvarez, Khan, Peterson, Alexander maybe? I doubt Bradley since am certain he'd still be recovering from his MP loss. He's not fighting K9 cause that doesn't make money, and a Martinez fight looks likely, but I doubt Floyd would ever take it. Maybe even make it all the way to middleweight and fight a nobody with a belt, although I think he could probably beat anybody up there with the exception of Martinez, but that's never happening. Both the middleweight move and Martinez.
I'm guessing that he won't even reach those 5 fights. I don't see enough out there for him to even warrant fan support. If I had to guess who he has left to fight, I'd say:

1. Cotto- obviously

2. Canelo- in November 2012 at 154, I think this fight generates a lot of money. Canelo was already once a frontrunner before Cotto. He fights on every Mayweather card, so the fans have been exposed to him and if he knockouts out Sugar Shane, it will look like a spectacular matchup.

3. Martinez- in May 2013 at 154. This will be a solid fight for Floyd, and will also do numbers just because everyone will tune in thinking that this is the fight Mayweather goes down. Of course if Floyd were to lose, he would get an immediate rematch.

After campaigning at 154, I can't see him wanting to go back to 147... playing around with weight at this age could be detrimental. There really is nothing at 154 that would excite fans past these 3.

4. Victor Ortiz- November 2012 at 154. Victor has beat berto again, dusted devon alexander, outwills Amir Khan and is on fire. Just for kicks and giggles he rematches poor victor and knocks him out the way he was going to in the first fight.

I give up on the whole Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, not looking too likely with the Bobfather and the Pope controlling pacman.
I think I'm in the small minority who thinks the May/Pac fight is going to happen. In fact, I think it will happen this year. I think the only way it doesn't happen is if Ortiz looks spectacular against Berto, Manny loses to Bradley AND/OR Cotto beats Floyd.

I think Floyd is going to eventually rematch against Ortiz if he beats Berto. He's playing it cool but it seems liek he doesn't like Ortiz deep inside for what he said after the fight.
I dont even know of 5 people that Floyd can bad as some of these guys' gates are, let alone, some of them wouldn't even headline a PPV if they fought each other. Im really speaking of the guys that are coming up from Jr. WW, or planning to.

I was always a firm believer that Khan would make the cut for a Mayweather fight, but after he went life & death with Lamont, while managing to look like an amateur in the process, I believe he screwed himself. With never know though.

All I can really think of is Alvarez (due to high ticket sales and popularity), but he has to get past Shane in he better not even think of asking for a Mayweather fight, if he manages to get his clock cleaned by Mosley.

Martinez...nope. Poor guy cant land a meaningful fight to save his life. Besides he's been at Middleweight for 2 years now, and he's still trying to convince himself and the world, that he's a small MW.

Nice try Sergio...and he cracks me up because he's willing to "comfortably" make 154 for a Floyd fight, but when asked about James Kirkland, he said that James would have to move up to 160. laugh.gif Give it a rest Sergio...

In a recent video interview, Floyd said he has to put the finishin' touches on his legacy, which includes fightin' Cotto, Pacquiao, and some solid "Young Champions" that deserves a shot. Although he mentioned Cotto and Pac, he never said who the "Young Champions" were. 1 could only assume he was referrin' to fighters like Alvarez, Khan, etc... Personally, I believe Martinez is after Cotto, just 'cause that 80/20 split seems too temptin' laugh.gif .

(FF it to the 2:48 mark)
If he has 5 fights left...hmmm

next in 2012: Pacquiao fight will finally go through so everyone can make money and be happy, but if not this year then i dont think ever. Especially since he fought victor ortiz to fight a southpaw for pacquaio before that bullcrap happened. but if not pac then most likely Martinez since he said he would move up to fight him before, all the steps have been taken to moving up and facing a champion so idk.

2013: i see canelo alverez automatic for May 5 because we know he is a business man, and no other fight would generate as much money on the a mexican holiday. and before or after maybe, MAYBE berto/ortiz winner only if berto wins.(I have a feeling when he was at the berto/Ortiz fight the original intention was to fight berto was undefeated and has the crazy strength but style-wise would have have demolished by floyd.) At the end of the year possibly alexander

After that i dont really see any other headline fighters fighting mayweather. Definitely not khan because I just see him losing his next fights (peterson, Kell brook or even Bradley). Any one that is possibly a choice i just see him beating. (Bradley, Kirkland, Peterson) lol idek but i think he going to retire undefeated smile.gif

I'm thinking after Cotto, he fights Canelo, Martinez, Pacquio, Khan. And I think an outside chance would be him fighting against Alexander or possibly Guerrero. I don't see a serious threat to him from 147-160 outside of Martinez, and I think that would definitely be a fight that would cement his legacy as the greatest boxer of this era
i think mayweather/pacquiao has already lost all of its' appeal with pacs last fight against marquez. i think mayweather/cotto and pac/bradley is going to kill the remaining luster that match up has.... ppl will not be talking about that fight after these guys next fights.
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