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Full Version: how did you score teh Rios vs Abril fight
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some say this is the biggest robbery of the year , so far i havent seen anyone score this fight for Rios. Im still collecting so many scores from this fight and will post my article tommorrow.
Just saw the fight again. No doubt about it. It was a complete shutout. Abril all rounds. Rios only made 3 rounds close but they were still Abril's in the end. Total robbery. When a judge scores it all the way 117-111 for Abril you know someone forgot the memo from Bobfather.
By no means was it a shutout, I had brandon winning 3 rounds... I gave him a 4th truthfully, just to be nice and Abril wasn't really doing much the last few rounds. But yea I think Brandon legitimately won 3 rounds. I felt like Abril was gettin alot of credit for shot thats were bouncing off Rios' gloves and didn't catch rios clean as much as people think. Still, there is no fucking way you can give this fight to Rios and have all your marbles upstairs.
Not sure if you read the Rios vs. Abril PPV thread from Sat., but there're some scores there. Someone scored it 116-112 for Abril and I tend to agree with that, or to be kind to Rios 115-113. Not being kind, I'd agree with the judge who had it 117-111. Is Rios yet another protected....ehrm I meant 'well matched' Holy Rank fighter?
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