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Full Version: Sugar Ray Leonard interviews Bradley and Pacquiao
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Check it out...

What do you guys think?
Pacquiao's fights >>>> his interviews

I'm sorry, they're just boring to me.
QUOTE (sduck @ Apr 21 2012, 11:58 PM) *
Pacquiao's fights >>>> his interviews

I'm sorry, they're just boring to me.

Manny: I aaaaaaaaahhhhhh think aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, it was good. lol
Shel, I'm very much in a No Home zone... but upon watching these interviews... is it me or is there ALOT of manleg touching, and gentle tapping of the other person from BOTH fighters. Everyone seems all touchy feely.. was rather weird once it got over 5 in both interviews, I didn't really know what to make of it.

I do realize boxing is a contact sport... but the manleg touching and I love you's kinda weirds me out.

Maybe it's just me *shrug*
just a reminder...tim bradley is going to beat pacquiao. u heard it here first. smile.gif
I like Pacquiao better in the ring, and its obvious that his interviews aren't the best in the world. I always hope to hear him say something interesting, but it never seems to surface.

I feel like that when FMJ does interviews, except, I always hope that he doesn't say anything self-incriminating or sound too uneducated when he gets deep in a discussion. I prefer his past interviews when he talked more about boxing and was able to break his opponents down verbally, in regards to their style and past fights.

Bradley is a pretty good speaker, until he gets stuck on saying "ya know", but other than that, he's cool. Image wise, I dont believe he's ready for a Pacquiao fight, and Manny isn't the best when it comes to promoting a fight, so the promotion seems a bit dull.

I definitely agreed with Tim when he said that he's always been matched up guys that are at his level, but he feels that a Pacquiao fight will test him. I truly agree with that. Im gaining more and more interest in this fight, and Im not sure it's because the date is drawing closer, or its because Im ready to see how both guys will perform.

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