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Geez...where have you num nutts been? Anybody been keeping up with the fight schedule, besides me?'d thought the fight was cancelled by the looks of nobody bringing it up or at least bumping an old thread.

Anyway, it's fight week and as we all know, Chad and Bernard have unfinished business. It sucked ass the way the first fight ended, and shame that we had to wait this long to see if Bernard will ride off into the sunset, or if Dawson will stand there and stare at his opponent until crunch time comes.

Last minute predictions anyone? Sense a KO? TKO? Another bullshit ending?
I dont know if its the promotion, outcome of the first fight, or maybe a little of both but no one is talking about this fight. They even had to resort to the "we're selling extra tickets" ploy to get butts in those seats. I predict Hopkins by UD, and due to the lack of demand this may be the last time Hopkins fights in the States.
Still think Hopkins loses. He looked tense the last time out and I think Dawson has some of the good kind of "bad" left in the tank. And ya never know how Hopkins will look coming back from injury at this age especially in a fight he didn't seem very motivated to be in
Dawson by UD.
Dawson by clear UD and maybe even a late round stoppage. No disrespect to Hopkins but as long as Dawson uses his obvious boxing talent, fights intelligently (keeps Hopkins off of him with the jab and whenever the chance is there, go to the body) and as said already with 'Bad' intentions I really do think that it'll be a wrap.
Sadly, I have had enough of Bernie. It's time for him to leave the sport imo. However, I am not counting him out just yet.

I think it will be a good fight, similar to the Pascal fight BUT with Chad on the wining side. By close UD or SD. It all depends on Chad's badness....
Dawson wins the fight easy, but the scorecards will prolly be tight.
Hopkins is a crafty veteran, and Im sure he found out everything he needed to know in the first fight (just from 2 rounds of action). Im not sure Dawson learned anything from the first fight, other than the fact that he felt Bernard didn't want to fight.

The reason this rematch will be interesting is because Dawson may try to seize the moment in an aggressive manner, and try to jump on Bernard too early (and recklessly). With that in mind, Hopkins may capitalize on those possible mistakes that Chad would make out of aggression.
i love watching hopkins fight and want him to win it, but the odds really seem stacked against him in this one, I think physically he's just out done, and although marquez showed us that timing counters speed in the third pac fight, I don't understand why people want him to retire, it's not like he's taken devastating losses like RJJ, maybe it's because his style is boring? I prefer watching him pick people apart. i think he can win a close fight even if "not so bad" chad shows up with his A game.
Dawson with the stoppage! I believe it's the beginning of the end for Bernard.
I think it all depends on which hopkins and which dawson shows up come fight night. If both guys come in with there A game, I can see Chad edging out a SD. But Bernard is still that kind of fighter that will make you pay for your mistakes.
If Chad keeps his emotions in check, he should win. If he comes in amped up about the last fight or the press conferences, Bernard will make him pay.
i'm sticking to my guns...dawson by ud. let's hope hopkins isn't floppin all over the place and trying to get dawson disqualified with his poor acting.
QUOTE (Franchize @ Apr 24 2012, 01:30 PM) *
If Chad keeps his emotions in check

In this case...Chad's already losing.
hopkins by UD yeah i said it
b-hop by decision
Jack 1000
Dawson by SD in a cure for insomnia, that should probably be unanimous. But the influence of Golden Boy and Hopkins' business association with them, will make the cards closer than they should be. I have zero interest in this fight.

I would like Dawson to win just to spare us from a trilogy.

Dawson by SD (though it should be by UD), mainly b/c boxing doesn't like change and undoubtedly, at least ONE of the designated "three blind mice" will give B-Hop the nod.
i hope they go to war shieeee
I can't call this fight up and down, but Chad will start off strong and will cease to be as relentless later in the fight. Hopkins will get a tight decision victory. After this, we'll get Chad vs Pascal II.
Im actually excited about this fight, and so are my pockets. The undercard bouts of their last fight, patched up most of the bullshit that happened in the main event. Glad its free this time.

I want to say that this will be a big night for Bernard, but as you guys mentioned, it all depends on how Dawson shows up. If he's too aggressive, then he more than likely slip up somewhere along the line. If he's too relaxed, then X will impose his skills and "veteran tactics" on him.

LOL at Jack for not wanting to see a third fight laugh.gif
The Original MrFactor
Bro Naz will throw in the towel in the 9th. Bernard gets beat up in this one. Chad is mad and motivated as hell. Bernard will take his first real beating.
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