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Full Version: 8 0z. 0r 10 0z. Gloves?
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Anyone have any info on this? Mayweather was pushing for the 8 oz. a few weeks back. Was it a mind game by Floyd or something else?
NSAC rules are 10 oz. gloves for 154 and above. Given that they didn't make any special request to NSAC, I don't think they're concerned about using the 10 oz gloves.
I thought they were using 8oz gloves?

I figured its because floyds hands healed due to the time off he takes and he is confident on connecting.
I think 8 oz gloves would have helped Cotto. I thought it was awfully brave of Floyd to want 8oz gloves. Not only is Cotto the bigger guy but Floyd has had problems in the past with gloves. I think at this point, Floyd is going out on a limb and saying I can beat my opponent in any way you can think of. Smaller gloves, higher weight, Standing in the pocket and coming forward wtc.
I thought that Floyd's camp initially requested 8 oz gloves? Anyhow, I doubt if it matters anymore, being the fact that he doesn't punch as much as he used to in the past, so Im guessing that his hands wont be an issue anymore...that's if they have even been an issue for the past few years.
I also thought Floyd requested 8 oz. gloves, but in 1 of Elie Seckbach's recent media day interviews with Floyd, Floyd said somethin' along the lines of, "10 oz. gloves aren't the problem. I don't have a problem with 10 oz. (normal) gloves, but I do have a problem with 10 oz. (Heavyweight) gloves, like the ones I used in the De La Hoya fight. Oscar chose my gloves. They gave me pillows."
8oz....10oz....both of them shits hurt.
QUOTE (daprofessor @ Apr 25 2012, 02:27 PM) *
8oz....10oz....both of them shits hurt.

Seems like it depends on who's talking, I've heard 8 oz and I've heard 10 oz. I think it's going to be 8 still.
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