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Full Version: Gus Johnson
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Why is this man not yet the voice of all big fights? I know he's signed to CBS Sports/Showtime, but can't they they just lend him to HBO for the mega fights? Imagine him calling a Barrera-Morales or even better a Gatti-Ward kind of fight? Is there a petition somewhere so i can sign my name?
I dont think he should cover any other big fights, he does great on Showtime with the fights that they do have. He should venture out and commentate some of these lesser fights from time to time...due to the fact that he has the ability to make a mediocre fight seem like a Gatti/Ward trilogy.
the crew at showtime boxing is my favorite!!! keep them there because that's where i want them. hbo...trying to make things larger than life....and force feed us thanks. hbo would do good by allowing the fans the option to watch their shows without commentary and just crowd and ring noise. they did it for a round in one of their recent shows and it was the most enjoyable round i had seen on that network in quite some time!!! hbo can improve by getting rid of lamps and merchant.
I agree Gus Johnson is a really exciting announcer! He has filled in good for Steve Albert since his retirement. I actually just started paying him attention to him big time since the Pacquaio/Mosely fight. He has a ridiculous arsenal of memorable quotes
He also commentates on Showtime's MMA Strikeforce IIRC
Love his enthusiasm.
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