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Full Version: HBO Boxing - The Measure of a Man's Soul
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great video. i've trained dudes in his situation before.
Cool video
boxing saves lives.
QUOTE (daprofessor @ May 2 2012, 06:17 PM) *
boxing saves lives.

This shit is deep! And yes, boxing does save lives, as evidenced by the guys that have been in the sport and bettered themselves.
the first time i ever saw this video....i cannot lie....i teared up because it reminded me of 2 dudes i trained that were both homeless. one overcame crack addiction...both were old ass cats but still had plenty of fight left in them. one actually fought pro and was more or less used as an opponent...but he didn't lay down for no one. the other just used to spar occasionally and give the young dudes a run for their money. boxing gave them the discipline, direction, dignity and dedication they needed in their lives. i didn't charge them a single penny but they paid me with blood, sweat and tears. the biggest payment of all was seeing them turn their lives around and knowing that i played a significant role in helping that happen.

*sidenote....homeless cats aren't easy on the nose in the gym. neither is that crack sweat. smelling that shit is like getting punched in the nose. laugh.gif
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