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Alright guys...I got two pics this time!

Have at it!

*pics courtesy of boxingscene*
Mosley: "Hey....I didn't have this tattoo when I woke up today!!"

Maywaether: "Miguel...that's just wrong"
Shane: (singing) "And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyiiiiiiiiiiii will always love you......"

Floyd to Cotto: "I'm a boy, Damon!!!! You're not in prison any longer!!!!!"
Mosley - "Yuck.....what is that smell on my finger?"
Mosley - "Hey you in the front row, nothing to see here, keep it moving!"

Mayweather - "Miguel, stop stealing your children's (or wife's) underwear!"
QUOTE (bnoles4life @ May 4 2012, 11:01 PM) *
Shane: (singing) "And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyiiiiiiiiiiii will always love you......"

Not the Whitney rendition! laugh.gif

Eric Gomez (pointing to referee Joe Cooper in the crowd): "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!"

PS: If anybody remembers Gomez' reaction to the last point deduction in the Khan fight, then you'd know what I was talking about. laugh.gif
real talk, wtf is up with cotto's panties?
Shane: "She's your queeeeeeeeeeen to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...."

I was wondering when the next installment of caption please would appear lol. I love these!

Mosley: "I have a dream....That one day... I will get my ass whooped by every race, color and creed"
Mosley: "See what had happened was...."
Mosley: "I I take off these draws to let me weigh in again, theyll see that I stuffed em with socks to make my package look bigger"
Mosley: "Im a half pound over because I stll have the guilt toward my fans for my last three fights weighing on my shoulders"
Mayweather: "Man, first you have on hot pink in every 24/7 episode, now this? I already had Ortiz trying to kiss me. Not you too!"
Cotto: "Its all I had to wear. Brian forgot to wash my other draws. These are my wife's period panties"
Mayweather: "I dont give a fuck if theyre Hugo Boss, theyre suspect!"
Cotto: "Man they match the flower tattoo on my arm and the color of Brian's eyes"
Mosley: "I say I say...." *foghorn leghorn voice*
Mosley: "If I got a nose job, I could make 135"
Bnoles, you r hilarious
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