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Full Version: Paul Spadafora
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Run and Gun Game Calls
I know alot of peeps hate him, but i did enjoy his fights. Even though tbh he couldnt break an egg. He has been out of jail for a while now, and he is 35 or 36. Seems to me if he were gonna fight again he would have gotten a decent money fight by now.

Does anyone have any idea where this cat is, and even if boxing is on his mind?

Haven't anything from him in a while. Last time I heard any utters of him, was here on the front page about a year ago when his team was fishing for a payday against FMJ and talking about the sparring footage between the two of them.
Paul was arrested for a DUI last year and his trainer, Jesse Reid, refused to train him following that incident.
paulies been on ice. word is he may be down in florida. if that is the case...then jessie isn't working with him anymore.
Run and Gun Game Calls
Sad the kid had enough talent to at least have a comfortable living. Now I suspect (again I dont know) That substance abuse may be all his future holds.
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