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Full Version: Winky Wright retires.
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So, what are your thoughts on that and how will you remember him ?

I think it was a good move on his part. Although he gave a very good impression last night and I could imagine him fighting another up and coming fighters and making some good money out of it. But he is a champion and his decision reflects that. Nothing but respect for that man.

Loved his fights against Mosley and Trinidad.

Im glad he made this step, though I believe he could've taken at least 2 more fights. The problem is, they wouldn't have been meaningful fights (unless it was Martinez), so maybe he did make the right decision.

He looked like himself last night...minus the stronger legs from the past. He was still the same fighter that with a decent punch output, strong defense, and his usual shaking of the head to let his opponent know that he was still in the fight. The fact that his legs looked so bad last night, did little to help him.

Overall, he's had a great career and some big fights during that time. One of my personal favorites, was the gritty Hopkins fight, then the Taylor fight. He gave Quillin as much of a fight as he could give, and I commend him on that.
Well said, C'.

I really like the guy. Although he was pretty much unknown (Not the biggest fan base), he has achieved a lot in his career. If you take a look at his resume, he truly fought all comers and never backed down. Mosley, Hopkins, Trinidad, Taylor, Vargas, Quartey...! He made the right decision for sure, I like the mentality. I want to be champion, nothing less !
Definitely the right call. I wish some of his peers such as RJJ, Mosley, Tarver, etc. would take note of this. When it's time to go, it's time to go. He had a career that when you look back at it, he should have gotten more recognition then he has in his career. As you all have stated, he's been in with world-class, HOF caliber fighters. I wish him luck in what ever endeavors he chooses next. I hope he trains some fighters, he has some wisodm that any boxer would be lucky to have him in their corner
Great call and I wish more fighters would come to grip w/ the end like Winky has. How will I remember him? The following:

1. Looooong ass stiff jab.

2. That turtle shell defense. Anyone notice when Wink covered up, it seemed his forearms extended to his waist? I used to think, "how can anyone go to the body w/ those loooooooong ass arms?

3. How he gave Shane the business....TWICE

4. How he basically shut out Tito

5. How Bernard headbutted him outta a chance to win

6. Last and certainly not least, how he treated boxing like a night out drinking: He knew when to say "when".
A student of the game.
A defense that was extremely hard to penetrate.
A granite chin.
Along with maybe Aaron Pryor, probably the most legitimately ducked fighter in the history of the sport. Guys didnt want any parts of him in his prime.
A boxing style that seperates the true boxing fans from the casual fans.
He literally embarassed two hall of fame fighters. He didnt just beat them or KO them with one big punch. He schooled them for an entire fight.
Its always great to watch guys like Wright, especially with that chin of his. It was sad sight to watch him go down last weekend, I dont think I've ever seen him go down.
Solid boxing career from Ronald "Winky" Wright. I was always a fan of Winkys & will continue to be as he has announced his retirement. Winky always put up a good effort and fought some really good competition during his likely Hall Of Fame career. The peek-a-boo style really worked for him along with the stiiff jab he had. Not many Boxers could break that guard of his. Great Career Winky and God Speed in your post fight career.
The Original MrFactor
Thank you Winky for your willingness to fight ANYBODY! You were a man and handled your business like a man. best wishes to you and your beautiful family in whatever comes next for you.
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