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Full Version: No love for Shane Mosley?
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I aint see a thread, where the love Mosley at? And Pacquiao too, aint no body post a thread on Pacquiao live stream. I'm drunk right now which is why Im doing this, don't mind me. hehehehe.
Here are my two cents...

I have never liked Mosley, so that's why I didn't create any thread about him....and...I don't care about Pac's live stream. I just want to watch the fight and see the biblical new-born nonsense gtfo!
The Original MrFactor
Thanks Shane for all the entertaining fights over the years. i didnt always pick you to win, but i always expected there to be a fight when you fought. I'm a fan. I like the way you carried yourself in and out of the ring. You were a true champ and handled the business of being a champ like a man. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family in the future. I hope you can get a gig on one of the networks commentating.
I was thinking about a thread.. but to be honest, Im not sure if he's really done...
Like Box mentioned, I dont believe he's done yet...though he just retired. It's obvious that he cant pull the trigger anymore, so there's no reason for him to stick around. Oh wait a minute, yes there is, it's called MONEY.

Anyway, I always thought Shane was a game fighter (win or lose), but the way he whored for his last few paychecks and validated what Floyd said about him looking for big paydays before he hangs 'em up, wasn't a good look.

He bum rushed Floyd's post-fight interview, begging for a fight. He did his thing against Margarito, and that's still his best fight to this day. His last moment of glory was putting Floyd on queer street for a maximum of 60 seconds, then his career ended at the final bell.

Since then, he's looked less than stellar, and went into 5th gear with the unusual concern for his opponents' safety and friendship in the ring. Im with the idea of fighters making the most money that they can, but please make it worth watching.

Again, I also believe that he'll wiggle his way into another somewhat meaningful fight, though Canelo knocked him down about 5 pegs in their last outing. We may see him on ESPN FNFs before its truly all said and done.
+2 I think Shane will have a "rebirth" and try to make a comeback. He'll attribute his new dedication to the sport to some BS lifestyle change. He'll do something like add some big name strength and conditioning coach or become a devout Muslim under Bro Naz. Then he'll make a modest but respectable pay day off of some up and coming fighter looking to add a name to his resume'. We'll see him in another snooze fest down the line.

If he is however true to his word, thanks Shane for an exciting career. I struggled at times to completely like Shane because I felt he flip flopped personality wise. Also, the steroids usage is a huge no-no in my book. However, one thing I give Shane credit for. He has a VERY extensive resume'. Other than when he kinda ducked Mayweather after the Vargas fight, he pretty much fought any and everybody. If he lost, he took his licks and still wanted more. Not many people would have rematched Winky and Vernon given the fact that he still remained the bigger draw even after losing to them. In that regards I give him tons of respect. He hasa couple of huge stains on his resume (steroids, being super friendly against Manny and Canelo, etc) but I think there isn't any doubt he's a hall of famer. Before he became a ful fledged welterweight/junior middleweight, his left hook to the body and over hand right were of the best in the business.
I like Mosley. He brought a lot to the sport of boxing, but if he woulda retired after the Margarito fight he would be looked at in a more positive light.
Kudos to the last 3 post above.. couldnt have said it

Franchise 2nd paragraph is spot on...

Cshell,...I Believe his career was over the very next round.. He could have pulles a delahoya and sat in the corner and shook his head and did as much damage as he for the rest of that fight..

It is true though...this guy had fought EVERYBODY...something respectable in its own right and certainly worth HOF in anyones book
mad love for shane. he's a throwback fighter. he did it the way it was supposed to be done. fought the guys no one wanted to fight...won when no one thought he would. his reign at lightweight will go down as one of the best. i wish him nothing but the best!!! on a side note....i'd like to hook up with his girls sister if she has one. laugh.gif also...get at me so i can train ur son!!!!
QUOTE (daprofessor @ Jun 7 2012, 01:12 PM) *
on a side note....i'd like to hook up with his girls sister if she has one. laugh.gif also...get at me so i can train ur son!!!!

Good ole Professor...always finds the silver lining in a situation!
QUOTE (Cshel86 @ Jun 7 2012, 02:10 PM) *
Good ole Professor...always finds the silver lining in a situation!

that's just the way the cookie crumbles. laugh.gif
i only caught his welterweight days and beyond, and he always seemed to come back, the whole drugs thing am not sure how to view it, for some reason am very undecided tonight, but whether he knew what was going on or not, its just a bit of a dent in his career, but am glad he proved he was clean during the mayweather fight.
Good for him. My impression of him will unfortunately be lessened by his proven 'roiding. As others have already said, he deserves credit for his willingness to step into the ring with the top guys of his era, but not the accolades that the true greats deserve.
QUOTE (daprofessor @ Jun 7 2012, 01:12 PM) *
like to hook up with his girls sister if she has one!!!!

Yea man, she is thick as cold grits! Wouldn't mind giving that big ole poot sack two hours of my time!
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