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anybody any idea what this might actually be? I mean Tyson is obviously past it, so what is there now? Maybe a charity match? Maybe some WWE?
For the love of God, someone give this guy some money and please make it all stop.
YES GIVE ME MONEYYY...oh wait you meant tyson, ah well. I don't see a problem with WWE tbh
WWE is ok, but if he gets anywhere near a boxing ring, someone please tranquilize his ass and put him in protective custody.
They'll probably give him an easy fight, just the fact that he'll step back inside the ring will probably do PPV numbers.
realistically who wouldn't buy the PPV, Mike Tyson is very popular with the casual fans.if it was promoted right I think he could do from 800k to a million
I heard its supposed to be WWE. After watching that excellent Tyson documentary produced by Carmelo Anthonys production company, Mike is top 5 on my list of ppl Id love to sit down with for a day just to pick their brain. Hes one of the most fascinating and interestingly peculiar ppl ever. Although, he literally would scare the shit outta me. Id have to bring a change of clothes.
After what he said about boxing I don't think he'll be back to it
mike tyson is going to do a one man play on broadway directed by spike lee.
QUOTE (daprofessor @ Jun 18 2012, 09:12 PM) *
mike tyson is going to do a one man play on broadway directed by spike lee.

I already thought he did the one man show a couple of months ago...

I need to get back in the mix, Im missing waaay too much nowadays.
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