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Full Version: Am I the only one that thinks Canelo vs Lopez could be a competitive fight?
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First I want to say I was very impressed with Lopez after the Ortiz fight. After seeing Canelo fight numeous times this is why I think Lopez can compete with Canelo.

1) Canelo might have the size advantage but hes not your typical Mexican fighter.
- Not a lead with his face pressure fighter, relys more on quality precision punching rather than quanity of punches. Canelo often takes the first half of rounds off. I believe Lopez could be able to outwork Canelo at times during the fight. With the 10-9 scoring system Lopez can steal 2 to 3 rounds that way. All he would have left is to win 3 to 4 more rounds. Not impossible

2) Lopez is a tall fighter, even for a 154lbs. Hes like 5' 10' with a 70" reach, thats only 1" shorter than Canelos (reach).
- And dude has the skill to fight taller. I like the way he was putting his punches together against Ortiz. Early in the fight it was the right hand. Later in the fight it was he uppercut.

3 Lopez has already been working on his power in anticipation of moving up to the heavier divisions.
- Lopez' punches were crisp from the 1st round (that is something I look for in fights). No pitting pat, slap boxing, Shane Mosley against Canelo punching. He was getting leverage/full extension on his punches, which was something I didnt see from Lopez early in his carreer. His punches were landing clean.

As Roger Mayweather would say, "size doesnt win fights." Everybodies all hung up on hes a JWW and not looking at the two fighters. Canelo fighting a JWW is not the same as Kirkland fighting a JWW. Canelos not the rough you up, lean on you against the ropes type fighter; where the size plays a major factor against your oppenent. I think this fights gonna take place in the middle of the ring. And skill wise I think Lopez is on the same level as Canelo.

its just how Lopez deals with going up in weight, I mean if he moves up with 154 and knocks out Canelo we can start the PED song. Personally I think this will have USADA but who knows.
Alvarez stops Lopez in 5.
QUOTE (Sunni6Killer @ Jul 13 2012, 03:18 PM) *
Alvarez stops Lopez in 5.

This is one of the youngest guys Canelo has fought recently but lopez was hurt in the ortiz fight several times, he swells up easy and is not hard to find. Canelo has some real heavy hands and is faster, I believe at least. Saul will come in confident but that might be his only disadvantage, because josesito does have a good chin good power and great determination.
Not the best match up, but as said already, if Lopez' big enough frame can handle the weight then it could definitely be competitive. Like most, I'm still picking Alvarez to win, but I do think that there will be some drama.
If he hits Canelo with the same punches that he hit Ortiz with (overhand punches and uppercuts) more often coupled with more head movement, then I dont see why he couldn't walk away with the 'W'. Oh yeah, that's right, he must fight the judges as well. I wont think for one second that Oscar wont pull an "Arum" and make sure the judges are "taken care of".

No way he let's the judges give it to him and mess up Canelo's "sweepstakes". I predict a well executed game plan by Lopez and recognition that he's the smaller man, which means "no exchanges to show whose balls are bigger", then he takes this one. I've never known Canelo as this big stalker, so if Lopez leaves him confused by overhand shots and occasional uppercuts, then we may see something special.

Something special as in a Cloud/Campillo robbery. laugh.gif Let's not forget that Canelo has waaaay more to lose than Lopez, which has put him that much more of a sticky situation. Lopez on the other hand, has the "upset hero" cape on his back, so Im sure doesn't want to go in there and get wacked...which will make him look like a flunkie. Nevermind, he hasn't rode the wave of his recent success, so back to my point, Canelo has more to prove in this fight.

I will reserve my prediction in the meantime...or did I just share it? The mystery of Cshel once again prevails....
The Original MrFactor
Alvarez/Lopez is not Loius/Conn. I think that the size disparity will be much more evident. I do think that Lopez has a lot of heart and will go in there an try, but this mountain will be much to big for him to climb. Lopez is a deserving guy who i think is very exciting and competitive at 140 or 147. Shame on GoldenBoy for not picking Lara or Molina. Either one of those two guys makes for a much more interesting fight. All the more reason to watch Martinez/Chavez jr.
anyone remember canelo/cotto? cotto came up two weight classes and almost got the ginger out of there. canelo was awarded a bullshit stoppage win but no one complained because it was jose cotto not miguel.
Lopez came in at 144, I'll shocked if comes in at 150.
Alvarez will likely be 162 range on fight night.
I don't see him handling the power of a MW.
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