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Full Version: Great Sparring Stories
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If your a fighter, trainer or fan give us some great sparring stories to read/talk about that stands out to you. Could be either about yourself or of other fighters you watched.
i was out of the gym for a while because of an injury. i had been training for a little under two weeks when a friend of mine...a pro middleweight...asked me to spar. i explained i wasn't in shape and he said.."i just need u to throw punches at me. we'll work easy." i agreed and we started to work. this guy was very aggressive and i loved to i could see he was getting frustrated because he couldn't close in on me so i decided to sit on the ropes to conserve energy and let him work. i let a real nice fast combination go that caused him to wobble slightly. i didn't throw it hard or with ill intent...but it caught him off guard. he shook it off and tore into me with body shots. next thing u know i'm looking up and wondering 'how did he get up there?' and i realize i'm on my ass from a body shot!!! muthafuck!!! laugh.gif
I recently sparred a guy about 30lbs lighter than me. I remember completely underestimated his punching power..

I remember sitting on the ropes and looking at the dirty ass blood/sweat stained canvas thinking "man it looks sooo much more comfortable down there..
last sparring i did was with the national champs bad idea guy knocked me and a friend around the ring, tbf we hadnt been in training for a year or two, but still the guy was damn fast and knew how to box rather than just using his speed to land
My little brother was just starting out at the gym I go to and hes a really strong athletic kid so due to his weight/size he had to fight some 18-19 year olds, he was about 12. So they put this tall fast amir Khan built 19 year old girl lol.. so he was very timid and in the corner he kept saying "dude I don't wanna hurt a girl" and I was just like she's probably gonna hurt you Haha.

So they get in there and he's moving throwing little to nothing and what he did throw were some very soft jabs, so she gets him on the ropes and this chick was fast and started burning (shoe shining) 1-2s all over and my brother was rope a doping not throwing a thing for about a minute straight. All of the sudden he throws a counter straight out of hell and he breaks her nose lol. When he got to the corner he was freaked out and he kept saying he didn't mean to hit her hard. I believe him cause hw doesn't really know his own strength but that was a really fast punch lol
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