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Full Version: Welterweight (147) vs. Super-Welterweight (154): Which division do you like better at this point?
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They had an article on this from espn that is a pretty good read as well as a debate, thought I'd share and get your thoughts and opinion.

I like the way 147 is looking better at this point. Outside of the Elite (or Tim Bradley lol), this division has a lot of decent fighters that could all potentially win against one another. This IMO opinion keeps boxing very intriguing. Doesn't hurt that the potential fighters coming to the division in the near future will help to serve as another dose of adrenaline for the Welter Weight Division. Just my thoughts.
erm 154 is okay but 147 simply dominated mainly because many 140 pounders will be moving up, and not many 147lbers moving up at 154lb. I mean mayweather did but i doubt he'd stay, if he did that will kill a pac fight stone dead, and at the moment its comatose
Definitely 147, they have a lot of talent and competition in that division. 154 is up there though with Lara, cotto, Canelo, Ortiz,(I think his plans were to go to 54) and Kirkland just to name a few. I would like to see both divisions have a tournament to determine supremecy.

140 has talent also
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