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Full Version: Blood and Guts. Contenders who never won a title but gave their all
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This thread is to recognize all those contenders that gave their all but came up short. Still they have never let their fans or themselves down. Either through politics or just the other champions in the division these guys never won or kept their titles.

Oba Carr. if he had a bit more power or wasn't a welter during the oscar, tito and bazooka era.
maurico martinez. gave his all.
mikey ward. never disappointed.
omar shieka. fought everyone in front of him
i could go on and on.
Truthfully, I cant even think of any off the top of my head. With the many useless sanctioning bodies out here, who hasn't been a champion?

Two names come to mind though...

Demarcus Corley (though I believe he snatched up one of these rinky dink titles and held it briefly) and Emmanuel Augustus...dont quote me on these, but Im almost sure they never truly held a title.
I was gonna say agustus as well
Even though I wasn't born in this person's era of fighting, when I think of boxers who gave it their all and just fell short, I all ways think of Jerry Quarry. Thanks to the YouTube era I've been fortunate enough to watch many of his fights. He was a very good HW, he was great at counter punching, and he was action fighter. He never backed down, not against Ali or Frazier.

It's just unfortunate that he came along in that era of boxing, in that era of HW's because he undoubtedly would've been a champ in any other era. There's a autobiography out on him, I definitely plan to pick it up and learn more about him
definitely Quarry. Imagine him around right after the ali frazier era. champ for sure.
There was a boxer from the Jack Johnson era that has an extremely fascinating story. His name was Sam Langford. He was the ULTIMATE "most feared" fighter. He fought from the lightweight division up through the heavyweight division and was never given a title shot. Jack Johnson wouldnt even fight him. There is actually a lot of footage of him on youtube. Even going through his boxing record history on boxrec is fascinating, just to see how they used to fight the same guy over and over and over again back then. A movie should be made about this guy. Truly an amazing story!
QUOTE (flazi @ Aug 8 2012, 01:58 AM) *
definitely Quarry. Imagine him around right after the ali frazier era. champ for sure.

Indeed he would. He would've done some serious damage if he was fighting in era after those 2 boxers
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