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Full Version: September Predictions (No Spoilers-Big Fights Will Still Have Own Preview Thread)
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Give your predictions on the upcoming fight schedule for September. Be as specific as you want to be on your predictions

September Fight Schedule/My Predictions

Sturm-Geale (Sep.1)
Golovkin-Proksa (Sep.1)
Dzinziruk-Gonzalez (Sep.1)
Ward-Dawson (Sep.8) - tough fight, but I'm going with Ward winning by SD
DeMarco-Molina (Sep.8) - This should be a good scrap. I'm going with DeMarco winning UD
Bailey-Alexander (Sep.8) - POSTPONED
Matthyse-Olusegun (sep.8) - Ajose Olusegun is undefeated but hasent fought the same kind of opposition Matthyse has. Matthyse wins by late TKO.
Klitschko-Charr (Sep.8) - Klitschko wins late TKO
Adamek-Walker (Sep.8) - Should be easy pickings for Adamek. Adamek wins UD
Cunningham-Gavern (Sep.8)
Vargas-Martinez (Sep.13)
Groves-Anderson (Sep.14)
McGuinness-Szot (Sep.15)
Hernandez-Ross (Sep.15)
Chavez-Martinez (Sep.15) - Chavez Jr. Gets him outta there in 7rds.
Rigondeaux-Marroquin (Sep.15) - Rigondeaux by 5 TKO
Martinez-Beltran (Sep.15)
Macklin-Alcine (Sep.15) - I'm going with Alcine by decision in this fight
Alvarez-Lopez (Sep.15) - Canelo gets him outta there in 5rds.
Gonzalez-P.De Leon (Sep.15)
Maidana-S.Karass (Sep.15) - Maidana by Late TKO
Santa Cruz-Morel (Sep.15)
Wlodarczyk-Palacios (Sep.22)
Burns-Mitchell (Sep.22)
Frampton-Molitor (Sep.22)
Rodriguez-Escalara (Sep.29)
Erdei-Chilemba (sep.29)
Del Valle-Darchinyan (Sep.29)
Povetkin-Rahman (Sep.29)
Pulev-Ustinov (Sep.29)
John-Piriyapinyo (Sep.29)


Sturm-Geale (Sep.1) - Daniel Geale Wins 12Rd. SD
Golovkin-Proksa (Sep.1) - Gennady Golovkin Wins 5rd. TKO
Dzinziruk-Gonzalez (Sep.1) - DRAW
Ward-Dawson (Sep.8) - Andre ward wins 10rd. TKO
DeMarco-Molina (Sep.8) - Antonio DeMarco wins 1rd. TKO
Matthyse-Olusegun (sep.8) - Lucas Matthyse wins 10rd. TKO
Klitschko-Charr (Sep.8) - Vitali Klitchko wins 4rd. TKO
Adamek-Walker (Sep.8) - Thomas Adamek wins 5rd. TKO
Cunningham-Gavern (Sep.8) - Steve Cunningham wins UD
Vargas-Martinez (Sep.13) - Jessie Vargas wins UD
Don't have any predictions at this point, but that list is impressive. Hopefully we don't have any of those fights cancelled or rescheduled and it should be a great month in the sport of boxing.
What a list
Sturm-Geale (Sep.1)

Golovkin-Proksa (Sep.1)

Dzinziruk-Gonzalez (Sep.1)

Ward-Dawson (Sep.8) - I have Ward winning by split decision, can u say... Rematch.

DeMarco-Molina (Sep.8)

Bailey-Alexander (Sep.8) - Alexander winning by mid to late round stoppage.

Klitschko-Charr (Sep.8) - My boy told me there would be and upset and I told him not on this day(hope I'm right) Klitchko wins by UD.

Adamek-Walker (Sep.8)

Cunningham-TBA (Sep.8)

Vargas-Martinez (Sep.13)

Groves-Anderson (Sep.14)

Hernandez-Ross (Sep.15)

Chavez-Martinez (Sep.15) - Chavez by K.O.

Rigondeaux-Marroquin (Sep.15)

Martinez-Beltran (Sep.15)

Macklin-Alcine (Sep.15)

Alvarez-Lopez (Sep.15) - this fight has upset written all over it... The upset being that P. Williams won't be Alverez's opponent. Alverez by K.O.

Gonzalez-P.De Leon (Sep.15)

Maidana-S.Karass (Sep.15) - hmm... Still undecided

Wlodarczyk-Palacios (Sep.22)

Rodriguez-Escalara (Sep.29)

Erdei-Chilemba (sep.29)

Del Valle-Darchinyan (Sep.29)

Povetkin-Rahman (Sep.29)

Pulev-Ustinov (Sep.29)

John-Piriyapinyo (Sep.29)

i can pick winners but whenever i participate in prediction leagues i suck. laugh.gif i'll give this a go. just marking my spot so i can give these bouts some thought. when will u be locking this thread? it should be pinned. should i pick a round if i'm calling a stoppage? and do i have to specify tko or ko? how's the point system going to work?
I'll pin it. It's weird though...I'll have to open and close it when these big fights air, since there will be round by round threads for them. We also have the Weekend in Boxing threads that are posted periodically.

We can post predictions and results in this one. I'll see how it goes...but I say it STAYS!!!

This way, we can come back and talk shit to the guys who had wack predictions, lol.
QUOTE (Cshel86 @ Aug 16 2012, 08:09 PM) *
This way, we can come back and talk shit to the guys who had wack predictions, lol.

Ha ha thoughts exactly!!!! I, no doubt, will embarrass myself, yet again, when I attempt to prognosticate!!!!
all by 6 round ko
Sturm-Geale (Sep.1)-- Sturm by home town decision.

Golovkin-Proksa (Sep.1)-- Golovkin by wide decision.

Dzinziruk-Gonzalez (Sep.1)-- Gonzalez by close decision.

Ward-Dawson (Sep.8)-- Ward by wide decsion.

DeMarco-Molina (Sep.8)-- Tony by wide decision.

Bailey-Alexander (Sep.8)-- Alexander by wide decision.

Klitschko-Charr (Sep.8)-- Klitschko by 8th round KO.

Adamek-Walker (Sep.8)-- Adamek by wide decision.

Cunningham-Jason Gavern (Sep.8)-- Cunningham by close decision.

Vargas-Martinez (Sep.13)-- Jessie by wide decision.

Groves-Anderson (Sep.14) canceled.

Hernandez-Ross (Sep.15)-- Yoan by 11th round KO.

Chavez-Martinez (Sep.15)-- Martinez by 12th round TKO.

Rigondeaux-Marroquin (Sep.15)-- Jackal by 8th round KO.-- Canceled.

Martinez-Beltran (Sep.15)-- Martinez by wide decision.

Macklin-Alcine (Sep.15)-- Macklin by 8th round KO.

Alvarez-Lopez (Sep.15)-- Cinnamon by 9th round KO.

Gonzalez-P.De Leon (Sep.15)-- Jhonny by close decision.

Maidana-S.Karass (Sep.15)-- Maidana by 6th round KO.

Wlodarczyk-Palacios (Sep.22)-- Wlodarczyk by close decision.

Rodriguez-Escalara (Sep.29)-- Edwin by wide decision.

Erdei-Chilemba (sep.29)-- Isaac by wide decision.

Del Valle-Darchinyan (Sep.29)-- Del Valle by wide decision.

Povetkin-Rahman (Sep.29)-- Povetkin by wide decision.

Pulev-Ustinov (Sep.29)-- Pulev by wide decision.

John-Piriyapinyo (Sep.29)-- John by wide decision.
Jack 1000
I'll go with the following:

Ward-Dawson: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ "Lamply pom-poms Ward and says a new word about his boxing ability "technitionship." No one breaks the ice here in a tactical chess game. Ward by UD 116-112 and 115-113 (twice)

Demarco-Molina: Good snappy scrap with boxing and some brawling: Demarco by UD 115-113 on all cards.

Matthysee-Olusegum: Another good fight. If Lucus stays busy late he wins a close one. A split decision for Lucus 115-113 Matthysee, 115-113 Olgusegum, and 115-113 Matthysse.

Klitschko-Charr- Klitschko shows late power in stopping this guy late KO 10. But expect a Ward-Dawson snooze fest until than, with HBO commentary making love to Klitscko throughout the fight.

I updated but I haven't changed my original predictions
I'll go ahead and make my bold (but reasonable) prediction that Julio will KO Martinez on Sept. 15. If I hurt some feelings with that prediction, then I'll have enough momentum (balls) to make some bold predictions. laugh.gif

Im more excited about Soto-Karass vs Maidana, than the main event (Canelo/Lopez). I'll go ahead and say this, Soto-Karass and Maidana will be a war, and in the event that Karass comes up short, this may be the last time we'll see him in the ring. If Maidana falls short, then we may actually see him go back down to 140, Im not sure. I know that he aint goin' nowhere though. Lol

Lopez will leave a blueprint out there for future Canelo opponents, and he will do this by pure activity and keeping his head in Canelo's chest. Not hard to tell. Molina/DeMarco will be NASTY! It may steal the show from Ward/Dawson.

That stupid rerun of that Klitz fight is pointless. I may wash clothes and watch them spin in the dryer, until that one ends. Either that, or I'll sort socks and take shots for every pair that I come up with. Im sure that one sock wont have a partner when Im done...isn't it always like that?
QUOTE (daprofessor @ Aug 16 2012, 09:04 PM) *
Sturm-Geale (Sep.1) i honestly thought sturm would get another gift.

Golovkin-Proksa (Sep.1) golovkin by ko

Dzinziruk-Gonzalez (Sep.1) i wish i could these 37 minutes of my life back. gonzales should have won...if he came in shape. lazy mf'er

Ward-Dawson (Sep.8) - ward by ud. he'll take over in the middle rounds when chad loses focus.

DeMarco-Molina (Sep.8)- molina by ko

Bailey-Alexander (Sep.8) - damn injuries.

Klitschko-Charr (Sep.8) - zzzzzz...... i will fall asleep at least by the 3rd or 4th round

Adamek-Walker (Sep.8) - walker by ko.

Cunningham-TBA (Sep.8) cunningham by ko. tba sucks.

Vargas-Martinez (Sep.13) ?

Groves-Anderson (Sep.14) ?

Hernandez-Ross (Sep.15) ?

Chavez-Martinez (Sep.15) - Chavez by K.O.

Rigondeaux-Marroquin (Sep.15) - damn p.o.s manager in ireland. smh.

Martinez-Beltran (Sep.15) ?

Macklin-Alcine (Sep.15) maklin by ud

Alvarez-Lopez (Sep.15) - the ginger by ko.

Gonzalez-P.De Leon (Sep.15) - looking forward to this one... deleon by ko.

Maidana-S.Karass (Sep.15) - maidana by ko.

Wlodarczyk-Palacios (Sep.22) - the wizard (palacios) over the devil by sd

Rodriguez-Escalara (Sep.29) ?

Erdei-Chilemba (sep.29) chilemba ud

Del Valle-Darchinyan (Sep.29) - del valle by dec

Povetkin-Rahman (Sep.29) povetkin by ko

Pulev-Ustinov (Sep.29) the russian by ud laugh.gif

John-Piriyapinyo (Sep.29) john by u.d.

forgot about this!!!
QUOTE (mgrover @ Aug 17 2012, 01:14 PM) *
all by 6 round ko

You swayed me. I better place my bets
QUOTE (checkleft @ Sep 6 2012, 04:21 AM) *
You swayed me. I better place my bets

can i say haha i can really sell it
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