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Full Version: Prescott, Peterson or Garcia... Who does Khan have a better chance against in a rematch?
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It's interesting because if u were to based your answer on the conclusion to each loss you'd probably think Peterson is the safer opponent since he was atlease able to take it the distance, but what about the other 2 Garcia & Prescott. In the Garcia fight to most, khan was definately the more quicker fighter & some would probably argue had he had the right gameplan he probably could've dominated the fight. Then there's the Prescott fight which was a quick 1st round knockout in favor Bredis. Though this fight out of all 3 would serve as the greater statement, there still a lot that we don't know about that would happen if these 2 would ever rematch each other.

And for that my choice for who the better more favored opponent for a rematch is Lamont Peterson, for obvious reasons that I believe he (khan) did better in that fight than the others

Lemme read your opinions
I picked Peterson. I don't know if he could sustain as much damage as he did the first time and be as effective as we was last time. As well as all the point deductions that occurred taken into account.. Prescott would be hard to get away from and he has better power than Peterson, and I just don't see Khan being able to deal with garcias timing and power
Prescott is the more vulnerable of the 3. He's had just as many bumps in the road as Khan, since they last shared the ring years ago. If anything, he's been softened up good enough for Khan to edge, and in the event that Khan loses a rematch, more than likely, it would be a mental thing for Amir, rather than a physical deficiency.
I think he'd be well suited to pursue a Prescott rematch out of the 3 mentioned here. Peterson would beat him again, I thought he won the fight without the controversy bs that was throw into it and I see him beating Khan in more convincing fashion if the 2 ever faced off in a rematch. I don't believe he should get i with Garcia, at least not right away because I think the KO loss has left some kind of mental scar on Khan. He allowed Garcia's father to talk him out of his game plan and it worked. He needs to go back to the drawing board and work on defense and other fundamentals first. A rematch with Prescott is a winnable fight for him, but he could still lose that fight as well if he doesn't improve defensively
If Peterson can keep up that high pace, he'll edge out anther one. Garcia.... he got Khan timed and Khan doesn't change
I said Prescott because I think he has just as many holes as Khan but I think he could beat either of the 3. I think if he fought a responsible fight, he could easily beat Garcia. He came in like a virgin and blew his load tryna knock Garcia out. If he gave and then got out, he'd be in discussion for a big time fight right now. Instead, he's searching for answers going forward.
All of them. Khan is not mentally tough enough and can be taken out by all of them. Hes always getting lured in to his opponets game plan. The roar of the crowd, anything can get this guy thrown off his game. Hes Tim Coleman with a jab.
I say Garcia, b/c up until that point, Khan was clearly ahead in that fight. Should he get w/ a trainer that shows him out to execute moving to the side, rather than straight back, he'll likely not be in that vulnerable position again.
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