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Full Version: It's lookin like Broner vs. Demarco, not Guerrero...
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I really like Broner but Im beginning to smell upset on this one guys. Ive seen too many of these up n coming champs have that marquee event in their career to really solidify themselves and come up short. This has Ortiz vs Lopez stench on it a little bit. The only reason Im not betting on it is because Broner is a smarter boxer than Ortiz ever will be.
While I'm sauced up, I'll go ahead and say that Broner will get knocked down a couple of pegs on the 10th or 17th, whatever day it is. Valero was the worst that DeMarco has seen, and I don't believe Broner is on a Valero level just yet (due to opposition).

Who knows? Say what you want, but thank me later if any surprises occur during the fight. laugh.gif
demarco will be game and go out on his shield but he is nothing special. just a hard working never say die fighter. Broner is something special i think. he will win but he will have to dig deep and he will get his chin tested but will pass the test and wreck demarco.
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