First off thanks for everybody that posted a score, its been added to the fightscorecollector blog (in the signature below).

The Martinez - Chavez fight for the first time this year on my blog got a 100% agreement with the fans and press that scored the fight. All 89 scores were in favor of Martinez ranging from the most common 118-109 to 115-112.

I wrote a wee bit in the article saying i cant believe HBO and some fans/press on twitter etc were saying a rematch is a good idea??. Personally i cant see it as to me 1 fighter lost 11 of the 12 rounds. Financially yes its a good idea as Bob Arum has already mentioned the cowboys staduim in Dallas as a possible venue. I think though that if they fight again Martinez will dominate again just as easily.

Beltran-Martinez what a fight, i hope HBO gives both another date preferrably against each other. I had it 114-113 Martinez but it really could have went either way as many rounds were that close.

Canelo - Lopez was one way traffic but that was expected although its about time Canelo got a serious test. Canelo has had his bedding in time as champion, its time to show what he really has.

Maidana - Karass, fight of the night for me, both trading heavy blows in every round. Im glad Maidana won as i really like to see him fight his rival Argie Mattyhse. Maidana jab was the surprose of the fight as when he used it, it was a weapon. Again who would complain if a rematch happened. I did think the ref stopped the fight to quickly, Karass deserved another 10-15 seconds to see if he could have ridden the storm.

Santa Cruz - Morel, i tell you something, Santa Cruz will be a star, what a fighter he is and his balance to land those body shots is Chavez Snr like. 118-122-126 pounders beware

the gonzalez-ponce de leon fight...ive still to watch