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Full Version: What Was Your Best Year in Boxing?
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What do you consider the best year in boxing (as of late)?

If you can (which I hope you could), name some/most/all of the fights and the big moments of that particular year, that made it the best year in boxing for you.

I wont lie, almost every year that I've watched boxing, it's been an experience. Now that I think about it, 2008 wasn't an all that great year for me in boxing, but I'm sure that all of the years that I liked, were VERY close.

Go for it
every year is a good year...but i'd really have to see stats on paper for side by side comparisons to say for sure.
It's a hard tie between 2009 and 2011, but I have 2009 sliiiiightly edging it.

1. Pac straight murdered Hatton, and finished his year off with his win over Cotto.
2. JMM had a nice victory over Juan Diaz
3. JMM landed a Mayweather fight....well actually, it was just the return of Mayweather (never fully agreed with that fight)
4. Mosley revived his career with the beating he put on Margarito
5. An unknown Maidana's upset win over a highly regarded Victor Ortiz
6. Williams vs Martinez 1
7. Malignaggi vs Daiz rematch (Paulie almost stopped Diaz)
8. Bradley vs Holt
9. Cotto vs Clottey
10. Williams vs Wright
11. Martinez vs Cintron
12. The rise of the "promising" 140 lb division...before everybody lost their shit and went left field.

These are the fights that I remember seeing, in addition to most of the forgettable B.A.D. cards that I refused to miss. Most of them weren't all that noteworthy, so I didn't name them.
if it's a calendar year...i'm going with 1990

we had...


all 4 fights were top 100 fights of all time in a ring magazine ranking.

1980 was a pretty good year too...these were also top 100

saad muhammad/yaqui lopez
the one were martinez made me a lot of money, so this one.
The year Hopkins wrecked Trinidad.....
Did anybody find 2008 a bit dull? dntknw.gif
QUOTE (Cshel86 @ Oct 10 2012, 07:54 PM) *
Did anybody find 2008 a bit dull? dntknw.gif

what were the big fights that year?
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