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Full Version: HBO@10PM(ET)/7PM(PT) Broner vs, Demarco-SPOILERS
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Broner is the truth.. Seth Mitchell and guys like him need to realize just because you have size and hit hard means jack shit without any defense whatsoever... Mitchell was sized up and taken out... Sickens me how people hype a guy with a demolition style... lmao Seth Mitchell better try to land a job commentating at Michigan State or something.. he's pathetic.. "feel sorry for my next opponent".. please... I am sitting here reading the WALL STREET JOURNAL and they had the guy featured there prior to him getting knocked the fuck out... LMAO
lol like I said long time ago, Seth Mitchell should stay away from the Klitschkos, in fact, his name isn't even worthy of being mentioned near them.

Solid performance by Broner.
Robert Guerrero...hope you get broke off properly, because you will pay for that pay day if you ever get it. I think you may have barked up the wrong damn tree lmao
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