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Full Version: Fragomeni-Branco Rematrch Riot in WBC Title Fight-Open Scoring To Blame
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Jack 1000
Has anyone heard or see the video of the Fragomeni-Branco bout and riot following the rematch? Apparently, the fight was an elimination for the WBC Cruiserweight Title. (Silver Belt.) The b.s 4th and 8th round open scoring rule was in effect, and after the scores were announced for round 8, showing Silva behind on the cards, the crowd got worked up and rioted. According to several sources no decision could be announced. But after the fight the cards showed that Fragomeni won a controversial majority decision:

Security issues such as what open scoring can cause in a negative way were shown here. It is time for the WBC to drop this rule, and for commissions around the world to refuse to use open scoring of ANY KIND. (Even known to the corners only, it can produce serious negative implications.)

I also commented at Box Rec that has a topic about this:

Never liked the open scoring:

1.) Too many track meet potentials for the fighter who's ahead.

2.) Greater negative opportunity for the corner and crowd to influence the fight. We had a riot here, seemingly created by the WBC's 4th and 8th round Open Scoring System angering the crowd.

3.) Commissions MUST pass bi-laws to overturn this insane WBC rule, just as US and British Federations have done.

4.) Open Scoring does not make for better judges. Judges need to be experienced at the world championship level and have high accountability for the decisions that they render.

5.) The WBC allows for only the corners to know the scores after round 4 and 8 as an alternative to open scoring, but this modification seems to create the same above problems.


PS. Here is the link:

1 riot by some lunatics?
If it happened in every WBC sanctioned fight, then yes it should be abandoned.
Track meets happened before open scoring.
Don't have a problem with open scoring.
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