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Full Version: life after death/reincarnation
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just curious to hear what some of u think.
I use to believe in it when I was younger, then I changed my sentiments. As of the past 5-6 years, I've seen so many children act as if they've "been here before". Weird as hell, but it's true. Children are waaay too smart nowadays, I'm speaking of toddlers, by the way.

Hopefully this shit isn't true with coming back as animals, after you die. I've been dog-sitting for since the 22nd of last month, and I've noticed the masculinity and life seem to drift away from an old Shar pei/boxer mixed dog, that used to be full of life.

In a sense, he's always been boring as hell, but has had a bit of life in him. He got neutered this past summer, so the life in him that came from that mighty scrotum of his, has also been stripped away. It seemed to play as some type of end game, but his prostate was as huge as lemon (from the doc's reports).

Anyhow, if I ever had to come back as an animal, I pray to God that it isn't a dog. Let me be some shit that flies, or maybe a mongoose...but nothing that can be domesticated. Lol
funny u should mention the dogs scrotum and his neutering as an absence of life! i think that all ties together! i remember reading up on tantric sex and they believe that u shouldn't ejaculate unless u are trying to create life. it makes perfect sense that when u neuter a dog...that life leaves. the older we get...the less "life" we have in us. that's our energy force!!! it all makes sense!

i don't know about being reincarnated as an animal...but it's possible.
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