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Full Version: PPV Fights That Had No Business Being PPV
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Jack 1000
I don't mean a good fight on paper that bombed as a PPV. I mean any list of fights that was PPV that should have been free over-the-air, standard-cable, or at least HBO or Showtime:

My Top Are (Off the top of my head)

1.) Tyson-McNeely
2.) Tyson-Seldon
3.) Delahoya-Campos
4.) Hopkins-Dawson I
5.) Butterbean Fights
6.) Cedric Kershner's "Heavyweight Explosion" cards. (More like heavyweight exploitation!) LOL!

Sure there are tons more! List them!

David Haye vs Klit
Mosley vs Mora. Worst PPV ever?
QUOTE (Franchize @ Feb 1 2013, 06:07 PM) *
Mosley vs Mora. Worst PPV ever?

Damn, you beat me to it!!
i can answer this easy. all of them.

Hopkins/Dawson I.....wasn't that PPV?
Sturm vs. DLH
Haye vs Klitschko? Man, I actually liked that fight....sure it was boring...but it had that spark worth paying for imo.

To me its Mosley vs. Mora too. I didn't even know who Mora is at that time...
QUOTE (bnoles4life @ Feb 2 2013, 09:02 PM) *
Hopkins/Dawson I.....wasn't that PPV?

Yep, and I ordered it. The way the main event ended, killed the whole vibe. It actually had some decent scraps, but it could've easily been one of those PPV-like Golden Boy cards that usually airs on Showtime.

Malignaggi vs Lora
D. Garcia vs Holt
Linares vs DeMarco
Hopkins vs Dawson

As boring as that Saturday evening was, it was worth the buck. Lol
Right about now, since the others have been listed, my worst buck ever spent on PPV cards were:

RJJ/Lacy (yeah I ordered it, lol) - Not sure why I ordered that fight
Pavlik/Rubio and Cotto/Jennings (split card) - terrible was pretty much comeback fights for Cotto and Pavlik, since they got their asses handed to them in '08.
Pacquiao/Mosley - I only liked the Vazquez/Arce fight
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