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Full Version: Wealth TV: Price vs. Thompson: Sat.@11:30am(PT)/1:30PM(PT) SPOILERS
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Jack 1000
Wealth TV will be showing live coverage of heavyweight contenders Price vs. Thompson from the UK. (Saturday, February, 23, 2013) A legal stream is also available at WealthTV's website, Post all comments here about this fight:



PS. OOPS! My bad. I thought today was Saturday, but it is only Friday. (Normally we don't put up a Spoiler Thread a day in advance.) But its here so, we can talk about the preview for the fight here and have the Spoilers tomorrow afternoon.

Big controversy over in the UK about this fight! Thomposn, according to Fightnews, said that he thinks pre-fight doping should be LEGAL: Story here:

he did as well. well he was thinking of even playing ground.
That was a devastating KO by Thompson. Another pretender exposed
Nicely done by Thompson, but to me, using the word "exposed" is a bit much. Price is only 16 fights in and faced a veteran. I thought Price would win, but he made a mistake and paid for it.

Price threw a punch, which missed. The veteran, Thompson moved to his right and landed the bomb on the side of Price’s head, right by the ear (crushed his equilibrium). Price made the mistake of not raising his left hand after he missed with his right, or moving with Thompson and paid the 'price.' (pun intended).
Jack 1000
This is a shock! More information here on the result:

Jack 1000
Shitty audio, but here is the full fight on You Tube:

Damn, I thought Thompson would go "nighty-night" again...

Guess I was wrong.
i don't think the ref should of stopped it but ah well
^ i agree but i guess price woulda got caught by something else had the fight not ended, not that i am sure or anything. does price have a future, i wonder? i watched he and fury's fights recently and price seemed to have the more potential. suppose it depends if the punch he got caught with last night turns out to have been a lucky punch or if he really cannot stand up to punches at all. still, nothing to be ashamed of far as im concerned, thompson wasn't a joke
I disagree, that was a good stoppage by the ref. He got hit with a solid shot that he admitted he didn't see coming and it was behind the ear. His equilibrium was clearly affected and if the ref hadn't of stopped it, he would've got blasted with more meaningless shots and still got Ko'd. He did an updated version of the dance Judah did in the Tyszu fight
It just doesn't seem that fair anymore, you get up from a solid knockdown and what's do you get, oh the refs called it off. Pretty disheartening if you ask me
Nasty knockdown, folded his neck something vicious! Sort of like how Khan got his shit from Danny. The tigers back lol, just when you thought he was on his way out.
never heard of price or saw him before this. he seemed to be in control. good stoppage. no sense in letting the guy take an unnecessary beating. he can rebuild. needs to learn to tuck his head while he's swinging away.
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