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Full Version: Self Destruction of Adrien Broner
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Im sure you all know Adrien Broner has recently been arrested. However footage just dropped of this guy eating pussy on stage in a strip club and flushing $20 bills down the toilet. I just hope his "big bro" Floyd talks some sense into him because he is destroying himself. THe consequences may be far down the road however they will com if he continues on this path of self destruction. These videos are heart breaking. You were blessed with athletic talent. Blessed enough to put your family and yourself in a great financial space, why cant you just chill. Foolish...

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I hope to see Broner do great things with his life and the sport in the future. And i hope he learns form his mistakes.
I don't want to see him eat some nasty couchie.. I will take your word for it... Young boy is definitely headed toward self destruction.. Broner comes from a this generation of black youth which are the most ignorant and dumbed down of any... sad
Self destruction lmao? So your a social worker now? He flushed 60 bucks in the toilet man. He achieved his ultimate goal. The mans headlined 2 fights for HBO and hes already doing 1.5 mil views. This lil video will probably bring a couple hundred thousand more. So basically it cost him 60 bucks to turn in a bigger number than he did for HBO. By the way I didnt see Broner stick his tongue in any strippers pussy either.
if dude is eating couchie in public then he has some serious issues and better get checked for herpes... I did not watch the video.. but getting arrested?? Hey, any one can be arrested. four years ago--I called the Police to help me get back into my apartment because my girlfriend locked me out with no coat in a snow storm. 7 cops came went into the apt, came out and starting handcuffing me... she told them I hit her... (I honestly did not) well there was a scratch on my arm that was fresh and I showed the cops.. they arrested that bitch too... off to the the central bookings we both went in Manhattan.. anyone can be arrested..
Col Reb
His nickname needs to be changed from "The Problem" to "The Tongue".
Not really interested in any video/photographic or whatever it is evidence of Broner getting some. And as in case of Floyd's various endeavors outside of the ring I can say only this - I don't care! I just want to see Adrien box. That's it. It's HIS private life..let him do whatever the hell he wanna do...good or bad.

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