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Full Version: What Fights Will You Review?
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As we all know, the boxing calender is gonna heat up starting next weekend (Rigo/Donaire) and run all the way through July. What fights will you be reviewing, to come up with a decent assessment of the upcoming fights? I know that styles make fights and guys dont always the fight the same in every fight, but let's give it a shot.

Example: I'll be watching Cotto/Trout and Canelo/Cintron to get my assessment as close as possible for the upcoming Canelo/Trout fight. Yeah I know, Canelo obliterated Cintron, but he (Cintron) was able to get off a bit while the fight lasted. I'm speaking in terms of his jab and a few of those right hands that he landed. I'm also watching it because of the height difference, and how Canelo can deal with it.

Here are the upcoming fights (let me know if I missed any):

Canelo/Trout (who in the hell else is on this card
Froch/Kessler II

Help me out if I missed any (which I'm sure I did)

Anyhow, since the China card on HBO ended earlier today, I may watch Cotto/Margarito 1 again this evening, and try not to tear up. Lol. I watched Cotto/Judah in HD on tv earlier this of my favorite fights.

Donaire/Rigondeaux is all imma be thinking about all week. all i can think of is Leonard/Hearns.
Canelo/Trout- Canelo's last fight was Josesito and and i cant compare him to Trout, I think they are on equal field just Trout has the height advantage. I may give the slight edge to Trout based off the statement he made how he was study all of Canelo's weaknesses. That's what its all about.
Mayweather/Guerrero- Ill watch the Cotto fight over soon and for Guerrero ill watch the Berto fight.
Lara/Angulo- I like Lara, he has potential.
Alexander/Brook- I havent seen much of Brook but a few highlight videos and I'm excited for this one.
Peterson/Matthysse- Matthysse is growing on me, he's been destroying his last opponents, looking unstoppable, but Peterson may be the one. Idk, but if he couldnt KO khan then idk how you gonna stack up against Matthysse.

Russell jr has a triple header on shotime soon, hopefully he steps up soon
GGG/Macklin i believe, Im loving how GGG is fighting every 3 months,
Chad Dawson fighting again in june, it was sad to see him quit like that, I'm hoping her can come back
Deontay Wilder is coming up soon in June i believe, soon to take over the heavy weight division.

i watched cotto/judah also. that 2nd low blow was devastating.
QUOTE (flazi @ Apr 7 2013, 02:19 PM) *
i watched cotto/judah also. that 2nd low blow was devastating.

...and damn near intentional. The first one was a mistake, but that second one...no2.gif
More than likely, I'll be watching Quillin vs N'Dam, as well as watching some of Guerrero's boring fights, to see how their fight goes.

I'll just check out N'Dam's movement and compare it to Guerrero's. Off the top of my head, I believe that Guerrero and N'Dam have just about the same power, but it may be too early to tell. I do remember Quillin getting tagged a few times in the N'Dam fight, and he seemed a bit gassed in the middle rounds.

QUOTE (Cshel86 @ Apr 8 2013, 07:45 AM) *
...and damn near intentional. The first one was a mistake, but that second one...no2.gif

Damn near? C'mon know what was going on lol.....I saw a motivated Zab and he was putting gloves on Miguel early. I think they were intentional, after that second low blow, Zab was done. A fighter who notoriously gets winded and now he just took a shot to the nuts. I always wonder what would've happened if those low blows hadn't occurred, but to Zab's credit he hing in there

With that said I always look back at older fights to see how the fighter will perform in their upcoming bouts. I've been looking at Canelo and Trout fights, obviously Mayweather and Guerrero's fights. Dude is boooring. I don't want to hear shit about Hopkins being boring, Guerrero is by far worse in that category. I'll be paying attention to Matthyse and Peterson, especially since it's at a catch weight now.
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