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Full Version: 50 Cent Charged With Domestic Violence
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QUOTE (mrchitown @ Jul 6 2013, 03:34 PM) *
The hoe in you come out more and more everytime you post. When I said what you gon do I wasn't rendering to me laugh.gif

LA belongs to the clippers now, the lakers ain't going nowhere and Kobe ain't never getting that 6th ring. Rose did the right thing in not returning, it's his life and career. And even without him the bulls went farther then them soft ass baby shit teams in LA. Ain't Westbrook from LA, guess who is off season workout partner is.... rose. our pg may have been hurt but Westbrook will never win a mvp. He too outta control with his shot selection. The west conference belong to okc until something drastic happens

I think Dwight is over rated l, he gets by on his athleticism. But the lakers were better with him then they will be without him.

You call it how you want but you got feline characteristics because I don't agree with you I'm a groupie, that's cool because I think your a hater. All I'm saying is let the facts come out before you jump to conclusions. But I don't think you have the capability to do it. When it was on your fearless leader you wasn't popping this stuff now that it's on somebody you dislike you all up in arms about it

All in saying is being judgemental is a character flaw, maybe you set in your ways but I do the same on this board as I do on others, I see stuff and I correct it. I'm talking facts and the facts in this case haven't came out yet. Even the media outlets can't find the arrest report. Where's the mugshot, where's the pics, now he has been charged with 5 counts. If he did it then he should be punished, this is the same thing I said with Mayweather. You do me it very clear you dont like him hut you make it obvious your a hater

We have a difference if opinion. But don't call me a groupie when you want floyd to dump miss Jackson so you can take her place. Like I said, I done maid cash off you many times from your posts and your threads. Yeah you did post about GGG but who's name was attached to it and who started that thread. I appreciate the money you indirectly line my pockets with, keep it up and I'll have my gambling money for the casinos come September

With anyone whether I like them or not I wait until everything is put in the table. I never really been into Chris Brown but when he got into that unfortunate situation I didn't pre judge. In glad to say that's a human condition that I don't have. I'm no one to judge other people, now after all came out, he was in the wrong for what he did. But looking at the bigger picture, why these courts never tell what Rihanna didn't set him off, why they never say what Josie Harris did to set Floyd off and the same goes for 50 and daphne joy.

No man should beat up a woman burn women do foul shirt to too push a man to that breaking point. They know what they be doing, I hope he didn't do it. But when I see people just fly off the handle with assumptions yeah I'm gon speak up about it the same way I did for mayweather and the same way I'm doing now for 50 and I'd do not for a regular Joe as well

Oh and back to basketball, Chicago will have more wins then the LA teams

According to Max, she, Rhianna gave him that "gift that keeps giving".
QUOTE (bnoles4life @ Jul 6 2013, 05:16 PM) *
According to Max, she, Rhianna gave him that "gift that keeps giving".

Must have
QUOTE (mrchitown @ Jul 5 2013, 07:34 PM) *
You make all the Mayweather threads on here I done won a lot of money off you doing that. My girl ain't even a big sports fan and she say you cape for this dude. I don't even cape for women so I dam sure ain't camping for no dude


I remember that thread! Yall are wild man...
QUOTE (bnoles4life @ Jul 6 2013, 06:16 PM) *
According to Max, she, Rhianna gave him that "gift that keeps giving".

That's a "snuff-worthy" offense, if you ask me.
Cshel86 why do you think that gif is cool? Jay Z punching and pushing a teenage girl.
QUOTE (Aware @ Jul 9 2013, 02:50 AM) *
Cshel86 why do you think that gif is cool? Jay Z punching and pushing a teenage girl.

Coolest stuff that I've ever seen!
Please, the boxing relevance is very tenuous in this thread.
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