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Full Version: David Price vs Oliver McCall next????
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Would this fight make sense for Price next??? here are my reasons why i think somebody like Oliver McCall would be a great comeback opponent for David Price.

* McCall's chin is still rock solid - Price will be forced to go the full 10 rounds here where his stamina will be tested. Mentally doing the 10 rounds should do him wonders after gassing after 3 vs Thomson.

*Price will have 10 rounds to work on his technique eg: keeping an aggressive guy away with his jab and being able to move around the ring against a slower opponent.

*McCall still has a "name" if he comes to the UK, the history with Lennox Lewis will also help sell the fight.

*McCall is still dangerous at 48, there is no point getting guys who will last 2-3 Rounds vs Price, McCall will be in the fight until the last bell.

If McCall is not the guy then Price needs to fight durable guys, as i have already mentioned, there is no point in Price blasting somebody out. He needs to work on the things that let him down so badly vs Thompson - Stamina, his jab and his movement. McCall gives him this for 10 rounds and is at 48 a live opponent.

Would you bet against McCall to land a big shot after the Thompson-Price 2 fight???? i certainly wouldnt. Lewis also knows a lot about McCall, what better man to train him for the fight???

Thoughts please on the above, AND if no McCall, who should Price fight and why??

The Original MrFactor
McCall is no longer a name. i didnt realize he was still fighting. Thats as bad as beating up Evander atthis point. James toney might be a better option. That was sarcasm. Hasim Rahman, Dominic Guinn and Audley Harrison must be busy. I dont think much of Price anyway. Nothing to build up with this guy. Nice kid, but maybe he should have gone into accounting like his mama told him...
If he was smart he'd come test Seth Mitchell and was him up real quick while building his fan base in the US against an overhyped bum. Shit maybe even Arreola
if he was smart at all he wouldnt of taken a 3 week training camp and had an 8 week one instead. I think it's why he gassed so badly.
price should do himself a favor and learn how to box. i wouldn't think about any kind of fights until he can get in a good 12 rounds of sparring with 3 different guys that give him good work. if it was possible, i'd suggest he go back to the amateurs and get more experience. unfortunately...that cannot be done.
I don't know about him and McCall. Price is really going to have to be taken apart and reassembled at this point. When he fights again he needs to be in there with tough, solid guys who won't go away so easily. He needs to work on the stamina and get quality rounds under his belt
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