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Full Version: Relationships Between Fighter and Trainer
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How close are fighters and trainers. They see each other probably on a daily basis. They have a closer relationship than any other athlete and a coach. I know Cotto changes trainers like underwear but trainers, like Virgil Hunter and Ward, Robert Garcia and Rios, Roach and Manny and million other fighters.

I know Da Professor can probably give great insight on this topic. So how close are fighters and trainers?
imo...the trainers know the fighters best. they are in the gym daily with the fighters. they know all their odd ways. what they like...what they don't like...what gives them trouble....where they shine. there are plenty of managers and promoters who undervalue trainers and believe that they are interchangeable. the good ones aren't. i think some trainers like to keep distance between their fighters and themselves....some like to get close. freddie roach is a guy who usually only deals with guys in the gym. emmanuel steward used to have his fighters live with him while they trained for fights. he'd cook for them....have dinner with them. get to know how they thought and all of that. there are advantages and disadvantages to doing these things. i know from my own personal experiences as a coach...some of my guys have become like family to me. in some's been like a father/son others it's been like having a little brother. bottom line, a good coach is the fighters second pair of eyes and ears. when a fighter and trainer are on the same page...amazing things happen.
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