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Full Version: ESPN2: Mendez vs Usmanee@6PM(PT)/9PM(ET)-SPOILERS
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Jack 1000
Could be a good scrap tonight! Keep it all in this thread.


Jack 1000
Good fights with some strange scoring: (Both by Atlas and the officials.)

Fight#1: I thought was right on the money with Cuello winning a good brawl. Teddy gave it to Marrero close.

Fight #2: Yes, I thought Mendez won, but NO WAY Teddy only should have given him all but one round. He had one of his usually bad decision tantrums. The Facebook poll was better. Usamanee was good in several early rounds, but Mendez should have won by 8-4 or 7-5 The draw was a bad call, but I don't think an outrage. It was a matter of boxer vs. slugger with the boxer doing well enough down the stretch to win a close fight.

What did you all see?


PS. Mike Tyson promoted this! He really seems like he would be a cool commentator. He talked about forgiveness and how he wants to put the past behind him. The big moment was that he approached Atlas just before the airtime and hugged him, apologizing. According to Joe Tessetore, this was the first communication Mike or Teddy had since the mid 80's.

That was a great card by Mike and a great card for FNF's to end the season
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