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Full Version: James Kirkland signs with SMS
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IDK what this make of this, it's been a long time coming and perhaps finally we'll be able to how much Kirkland's got left in his arsenal after the 18 month layoff, but it's a deep division at 154-160lbs. and I don't see Kirkland posing much threat to any of the boxers of the division unless we see some sort of difference in defense (which I doubt). A good add to SMS though... Here's to hoping he's managed/promoted the right way for his come back before they throw him to the lions.
more important....who's training him?
I think signing with sms will help get him some decent fights but unless he is gotten a new trainer it will be short lived
We shall see what to make of this move. I was excited about Dirrell fighting and I think we'll find the remains of Jimmy Hoffa before he fights again
Seems like the big name fighters on SMS all have fragile chins...welcome to the club James!
Where is ann wofle?
When was the last time Dirrell fought?
QUOTE (Genius @ Sep 20 2013, 01:15 AM) *
When was the last time Dirrell fought?

Earlier this year... Before then 2011.

THIS is why I always get on here and preach that 50 Cent is a snake and can't be trusted. THIS is why I say I hate that 50 is from Queens like me. THIS is why I laugh when people take 50 cent's comments about Mayweather serious post-bromance with Floyd. Check out this fuckboy hating hard, then saying "who knows Floyd's next opponent? Crickets. It'll probably be James Kirkland." Then he goes and signs James Kirkland. And is it me, or did he sound like he said at 1:58 that "James is a bum?"
QUOTE (Gambit808 @ Sep 20 2013, 12:21 AM) *
Earlier this year... Before then 2011.

But he isn't doing shit maan.. Anthony had a career threatening injury and has already come back and is fighting for a world title in this whole span!

He hasn't done shit for gamboa or dirrell and without a good trainer and this cast of misfits I don't doubt this guy will be back in jail in no time with no one even close to being like Ann to keep him in line. Sad to say
At least he gets all the SK energy drinks he can possibly ask for. I feel bad for Gamboa, he could of been a great fighter with the right promoter. Oh well. James is a great talent. I would of loved to see he and Canelo in he ring. That would be damn interesting. He should of given Molina a rematch after that bullshit DQ.
I think Kirkland would be a good comeback fight for Canelo. I think the man child would beat the brakes off of Kirkland. Probably stop him.
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