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Full Version: Bute vs. Pascal Preview and Poll! Who Wins?
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Jack 1000
Hey All,

Sorry, I didn't put this up sooner! What a fight for Canada this is going to be! I think the roof may come off the arena! Vote now for who wins and why? On HBO Saturday Night!


It may come to a late stoppage, but I'ma play this one safe and go with Pascal by close decision.
Jack 1000
I too vote Pascal by close decision.

I think Bute is the better boxer and will get the decision. Bute got smoked against Froch, but he'll bounce back in this fight. Pascal hasn't shown great boxing skills or ring IQ in his fights. Hopefully, he has improved a bit, but I got Bute by wide margin on two scorecards and close decision on the third. Worse case is a split decision for Bute. Should be a decent fight regardless and the crowd will be hyped.
I like Pascal in this one...but I'll give you guys a head's up...please excuse my expletives on Saturday night while I watch Pascal gas out.

It ALWAYS happens...but it's worse when he gasses and his opponent is trying to catch a second wind too...no2.gif That Bute uppercut better be in commission...I mean ASAP, none of that filling out stuff needs to take place. He's in there with a bigger, stronger guy. Needless to say, there will be some filling out rounds. LOL

Pascal throws that ugly overhand shot that puts guys on queer street, and I can see Bute getting caught with one. If he does, then he better hope it happens in the closing seconds of a round...

Pascal by TKO in 4th
Pascal starts off very strong and then gasses out by the 4th. I don't expect a KO, close decision for me; victor Pascal.
I like Pascal for this fight by late KO
pascal by tko mid fight
I'm going with the brother
QUOTE (Hotsauce @ Jan 15 2014, 11:52 PM) *
I'm going with the brother

Pascal close decision
going with pascal, but he needs to jump on lucian early. can't expect much from lucian especially after the monster layoff he took.
Please don't tell me Jean Pascal is coming in with his hair cut in a Worldstar symbol no2.gif
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