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Full Version: Deontae Wilder fights Charlie
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Dudes a bitch, but he can take a punch lol
QUOTE (BigFightFan @ May 9 2014, 06:33 AM) *

Dudes a bitch, but he can take a punch lol

I don't know man. Charlie brought that on himself and is lucky it didn't go further. As a father myself, I can understand going after that guy based in what he's been saying about Wilder and his daughter for years now. People can say whatever they want about a fighter's skill or ability, but I don't like when people attack a fighter's personal life or family. That should be off limits. And no one forced Charlie to pit on the gloves and call Wilder out.

With that being said, I'm excited about the heavyweight division again, starting this Saturday and the winner vs. Wilder and then that winner again Jennings or Perez. We should finally have someone emerge as a legitimate threat to Wlad.
QUOTE (BigFightFan @ May 9 2014, 05:33 AM) *

Dudes a bitch, but he can take a punch lol

Isn't that the same bitch made dude that hit Floyd Mayweather senior when he turned his back on him while sparring?
Yes it's the same exact dude. He must not be playing with a full deck. The second video of him getting hit and running out the ring is hilarious
Dude is mentally unstable and he's eventually going to get himself killed; and I do mean literally. Even after getting rocked and Wilder clearly showing him mercy, he's talking about some phantom body punch he landed. He did the same with Floyd Sr. After Sr put it on him and ran him out the ring, and then ole boy lumpin him up for sucker punching Sr, he was still popping shit. Some lesser known fighter, with nothing to lose but his cool is gonna put the beats on this kid something serious. He'd better hope it ends there because when you start talking about doing shit to people's kids, especially ones with all 31 wins by way of KO, you really aren't taking the breathing aspect of life very seriously.
i beleive this faggot tried tobe a fighter and in his first pro fight he was disqualifed for low blows becuz he was getting his ass kicked
I give him credit for getting in there. But dude definitely is a frequent rider of the short yellow bus
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