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Full Version: Steroids and boxing
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You filthy threadbumper Fitz!
QUOTE (Super_Lightweight @ Jan 26 2005, 10:52 AM) *
I read a theory on another website that Shane Mosley and Roy have fallen off because they had to stop taking steroids after the Balco scandal. This article upset me very much. I was wondering what you guys think about it.

Do steroids help boxers or hurt them or what? Do you really think either one of them was actually using steroids and if so for how long and starting when? Do steroids help you to avoid getting old?

I think Roy was going to lose to Tarver in the rematch with or without steroids due to permanent damage he did to his body after coming back down and just a gradual decline in footspeed evident a couple years ago vs Woods. I don't think he or Shane looked super because of steroids, but I'm just one man. Hopkins is still going strong at 40 or so it seems and I don't think he's on steroids but who knows?

This would really concern me if fighters are made much better by steroids. I do know Richard Hall tested positive for them but they didn't seem to help him too much. Maybe a lot of the top boxers use them perhaps? Maybe everyone feels like they have to use 'em in order to keep the guys that do use them from having an advantage over them?

Get back at me. Try not to use too much conjecture. Don't act like a scientist if you ain't one. Answer the poll if you want.

Roy wasn't involved with BALCO so I don't know how that could be.
QUOTE (STEVENSKI @ Jun 16 2011, 12:27 PM) *
You filthy threadbumper Fitz!


I swear Fitz can find anything that has been written on this board.
that article was terrible if it tied Roy to balco. The roy situation was around a ripped fuel product (which I also took at that time) when he popped. Ripped fuel had zero benefit other than helping you stay lean and burn fat.

Shane had a documented schedule of his doping regimen with balco along with workouts, so he was being primed for a fight.

As far as steroids go, as I've mentioned before, there are multiple types of steroids. Not all roids are designed for Ron Coleman Jay Cutler results.

Hell, you can test it for yourself....go run a 15K clean then go run a 15K after a nice EPO cycle LOL.

Take pascal and run him on EPO and watch the night and day difference in him. Same power, WAAAAAY MORE stamina past rd 5. HUGE UPGRADE imo.
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