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Full Version: Greatest rounds in history?
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King Eugene
Holyfield vs. Bowe I round 10

Very Dramatic round
This shit threw me off for a second. Seeing a ton of old names and I was like... WTF??? Turns out we got a 5-year old thread bumped to the front page, lol. laugh.gif Fucking sweet. I need to go back and find some old classics myself.
Run and Gun Game Calls
Morrison-mercer rd4. Morrison dominated the fight then got clipped in rd 4 and brutally ko'd. he was never the same fighter after getting stopped the way he did.
Round 7 of Carbajal-Gonzales was awesome. Carbajal was losing and was on the canvas earlier and behind on points, his beautiful left hook knocked Humberto out cold.

I forget all the exact details, but I think Echols and Brewer had that one round when Echols was down twice only to come back and stop Brewer in the same round. I may be off, just going off memory. Forget the round.
Dempsey/Willard round 1
lloyd mayflower
Khan v Prescott Round 1, like the moon landings or the Kennedy assassination, you'll always remember where you were on that sweet moment!
Big Slim Sweet
This thread shook me too. Usually when I see an old post like this I have some vague memory of posting in it, but this one goes too far back. I was a very different man July 8, 2005.

Anyway, for recent rounds off the top of my head I'll say Vazquez-Marquez 3 round 12 & Holt-Torres 2 round 1.
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
I'm gonna chuck in a couple of UK fights just for good measure.

Eubank/Watson 2, Round 11.

And Benn/McClellan, Round 2. Although most of that fight was pretty freakin brutal.

Toney/Jirov, Round 12 is still my all time favourite though. Manny Steward at the end just makes it for me.
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