"I've heard this again for the second time that Bob has decided to stick his schnoz in the business between me and one of my fighters. I've heard from several good sources close to Chavez's camp that he's trying to have Freddie and I removed and out of there...It's not about what's best for the fighter. It's clear as to why the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight has never happened. It's always about what's best for Bob and his agenda. It doesn't matter that I've been a part of Manny's successful weight gain and being successful at all these weight classes. It doesn't matter that Julio had an amazing performance that I've heard so much praise about, not only his performance, but from boxers themselves saying how impressed they were with his boxing, his speed, his conditioning, his strategy, his new level of technique; it doesn't fucking matter. It's all about getting us moved out for whatever Bob's agenda is...He should just at least accept that, not try to push some agenda the next day, try to cause more rifts in the camp, try to do things just to push whatever his own deal is. It just goes to show you once again, it's all about Bob. It's never about the fighter. It's about Bob...I mean this very sincerely, if Bob doesn't like any of what I said and his Thanksgiving turkey, or whatever he eats on Thanksgiving, is ruined, he should've never started this first. He should've never made up lies about me. He should've never went out and tried to undermine my work and tried to throw me under the bus and tried to make me look incompetent. Just let me do my work and let me do my thing and leave me alone," stated a heated Alex Ariza, who had a lot to get off of his chest about things that he's not thankful for, namely promoter Bob Arum, who not only has been interfering with he and Freddie Roach's relationship with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., but is also standing in the way of a mega-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. You do not want to miss what else he had to say in Part 2 of this eplosive interview. Check it out!


BT: Do you think maybe Bob's actions are his way of punishing you guys for speaking up and voicing your opinion?

AA: You know what? You could be very right. Is he punishing us? Does he think he can put us in his place? Is he fucking mistaken? I don't work for Bob. Bob doesn't do a fucking thing for me. I don't give two shits about Bob. I don't need him to fucking mention my name in any of his fucking literature. He don't mean a fucking thing to me. I don't care what he thinks. If he thinks he can punish me, I guess we'll just have to see who's gonna punish who. He's fucking 80 years old and he better come to accept that I'll be around a lot longer than he will. My work speaks for itself. The relationship I have with my fighters speaks for itself. I'm sorry that somebody is shitting in his soup on Saturday night because Julio had such a great night, but you could see his fucking buzzard beak ass right there in all the pictures next to my fighter.

BT: (Laughing) He was all up in the camera.

AA: All of a sudden, Julio is starting to become a fucking star. I don't know, but I can assume he had some great numbers on Saturday night. I bet ya he's gonna be all over Julio, but I'm gonna tell you what, I'm gonna personally remind Julio exactly how we were treated during these last few camps, exactly where we were put and the place that we took on the order of Bob's list of things to get done. I will remind him day in and day out. He wants to fuck around and go around making up shit about me, putting me out there as if I did something wrong to Pacquiao and discredit me? We'll see who the fuck gets discredited here.

BT: Damn. Again, I just don't understand the agenda. I can't see how he can go to Julio after that performance and tell him he needs to go with Robert Garcia. That just doesn't make any sense to me.

AA: It makes no sense, you know? If I didn't hear it out of these people's mouths, that are very, very reliable source that I believe in and I feel very close to, and not to mention, it was precipitated by the move that he tried to do with me and Pacquiao, trying to get me fired from Pacquiao. Why the fuck does he care? That just goes to show you what a slimy, two-faced snake he is. One minute, I'm one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world, and thanks to me, it's the first time that Chavez has ever made weight on time and looked good and had a great performance, and thanks to me, Manny has risen through the divisions and conquered, but the second things don't go his way, it's fuck you, let me ruin your fucking life, let me ruin your career, let me ruin your reputation, let me take food off the table. He should wake up every fucking day and thank his lucky stars, or whoever he prays to, that he's not in Colombia.

BT: Do you guys feel like he's trying to push Marquez onto Manny instead of Mayweather?

AA: I know that Michael Koncz says that he's having a meeting with Bob to negotiate the Mayweather fight. They're having a meeting on how to make sure that this fight doesn't happen. That's what their meeting is about. Michael Koncz is Bob Arum's bitch boy. He's not fooling anybody. Don't you think it was odd that there was such a push to get this accounting company [VisionQwest] out? Why is that? Why is it that anytime somebody wants to dig around and wants to sit there and look and see what's going on with Manny, making sure that the best interest is at hand, why is it that there's a full court press to get those people out of there? Why is that? That's what's going on. I mean, what is it? If you got nothing to hide, why is it such a push to get these people away? Why is Michael Koncz always trying to fucking make sure everything goes through him? If there's any problems with these accounting companies, why is it that he's always trying to stop that? Maybe the findings are going to come out. Checks being written to Michael Koncz from Top Rank, what's that all about? That sounds like the biggest conflict of interest that I've ever seen. I thought Michael Koncz was working for Manny in Manny's best interest. Why is he getting checks from fucking Top Rank?

BT: No clue. At the end of the day though, they're ultimately still able to convince Manny that he should do this or he should do that; he should get rid of VisionQwest or he should fight Marquez instead of Floyd.

AA: You're right. Well, if he thinks he's going to fucking bully me and he's going to congregate a few reporters to write some shit about me, and that's going to somehow fucking rattle me, we'll see who rattles who. We'll see how fucking dependent that these fighters are on me. They feel confident, strong, conditioned, and have no problems making the weight and making the cut with me. What the fuck does Bob Arum bring to the table? We'll see who these fighters need around, if they need me or if they need Bob. You wanna go? Well let's go. Let's see who needs who with these fighters. These fighters aren't stupid Ben, you know? We'll see. I got Omar Chavez here right now, so apparently, whatever bullshit that he was trying to come up with, it didn't fly with Chavez Sr. because he sent his son right over here to be trained by me and Freddie right now for the biggest fight of his career. We got both Chavez's right.

BT: Did Bob try to affect your relationship with Omar too?

AA: My understanding is he's been trying to remove us completely from both Chavez's. It was conveyed to me that they were doing everything they could not to bring Omar to me, but he's here, so that speaks volumes in itself. We'll see. Even if he doesn't like me or doesn't get along with me, the fact of the matter is that I'm doing what's best for the fighters. These fighters feel strong, they feel healthy, they're having the performances of their lifetime, you know? He should just at least accept that, not try to push some fucking agenda the next day, try to cause more rifts in the camp, try to do things just to push whatever his own deal is. It just goes to show you once again, it's all about Bob. It's never about the fighter. It's about Bob.

BT: Not to mention, he's affecting your livelihood, you know?

AA: Exactly. That's a very, very unhealthy move to try to fuck with somebody's livelihood. That can be really bad for your health, you know? i don't care how old you are. He thinks he's going to fucking bully me? Who the fuck does he think he is? He's got himself confused.  I don't think two fucking shits about Bob Arum, to be honest with you. I don't think about him at night before I go to bed, and I definitely don't think about him when I wake up in the morning. Those other people at his fucking work that think he's all that and gotta go around kissing his ass, that's them. He signs their checks. He doesn't do a fucking thing for me. He's never brought a fighter to me, he's never introduced me to a fighter, he's never pushed a fighter my way or my direction, and as far as I know, he's never done that for Freddie either. We get our fighters based on our reputation and the success that we've had. So he's confused if he thinks he's going to punish me or try to put me in my place. The only thing that he did is piss me off. Now, I can see that maybe it is about dog eat dog. Maybe I need to do what's best for my fighter and start looking for other ways to impose my influence. Let me start thinking about what's best for my fighter. Maybe I'll start looking from a promotional side of things. Maybe I'll add that to my repertoire. Since he's so pissed about me putting on the hat of a cut man and doing my job and taking on different responsibilities because I'm capable of doing that, let me see how capable I am. Let me start to tap into other areas of this boxing business.

BT: (Laughing) Well you can start by sticking firm with getting Manny in the ring with Floyd for his next fight.

AA: You know what? We still are sticking firm. I think that's the fight that everybody wants to see. Here's the thing, Dana White is 100% absolutely correct. Bob Arum is a greedy pig. Now I see. That's exactly why Dana White has been so successful and Bob Arum sees him as such a threat, because he puts the fights together that the people want to see. It's about putting the best fights on. That's why people love the UFC so much, because the fights are so competitive. Even though he had the biggest fight with Nick Diaz and they went back and forth at each other, Dana did the right thing by the sport and he still put him and BJ Penn together and made them fight. Arum hates Floyd Mayweather, can't stand him, doesn't want to see him make a dollar, can't stand Golden Boy, doesn't want to do business with them, but instead of doing what's best for the sport, what's best for the fans, and what's best for the fighters because they'll get the payday of a lifetime, no, it's all about him. "I don't like him, so fuck him!" I mean, right or wrong? Unless you can tell me and convince me otherwise, because I'm thoroughly convinced and believe that Floyd really does want to have this fight. I think he really wants to have this fight. As far as he knows, he's right. He's right. Bob is the one interfering and fucking shit up.

BT: At this point, I don't think Bob is even interested in talking about the fight. According to Richard Schaefer, he told Judge Weinstein that they're not interested in negotiating right now.

AA: Well there you have it. How the fuck does he get off telling somebody he doesn't feel like making a fight? Why, because he's sitting on fucking maybe half a billion dollars? Nobody else can make any money if it doesn't suit him? I think it's funny that he is where he is and he thinks he is who he is that he has to waste his time and his nights and his days trying to get me out. How fucking pathetic? Here's the thing, and this is an insult to Manny and the reporters, him saying that it's my fault, knowing that Manny and I already had a conversation about a lot of things after the fight, does he honestly think that Manny is going to sit there and think, "Oh, it's Alex's fault that my leg cramped. It's Alex's fault that I didn't know that I was cut in the 10th round. It's Alex's fault that he got in there and he closed the cut and it didn't bleed." That's my fault? Does he fucking think people are so stupid? Manny said he didn't even know he was cut. He didn't know until Diaz got in there. And Diaz, the fucking coward that he is, he should've fucking stepped up and said the same thing. He didn't see the cut. He didn't fucking see the cut. Freddie saw the cut and just assumed that Diaz didn't get up there. I didn't see the cut either; I wasn't looking for it. That's not my job apparently. Diaz should have manned up, but he's one of of Arum's  guys too, but he should have manned up and said, "Hey, I didn't see the cut either. Alex got up there and by the time he came down, he told me Manny was cut and then I stepped up." But he's a fucking coward too. He doesn't have the balls to say that because he's one of Bob's bitch boy puppets too. That's why they have loyalty to him, because they're working because of Bob. That's it. No other fucking reason. I got no loyalty to that guy. I don't owe him a fucking thing. I say what I want, when I want, how I want about him, and if he doesn't like it, do what you gotta do.

BT: Still, you would think that, given the close relationship both you and Freddie have with all of your fighters, Bob wouldn't even try to interfere with that.

AA: Again, you're trying to rationalize this. It's not about what's best for the fighter; it's about what's best for Bob Arum. What happened to all his talk about the fight that everybody wants to see is Julio/Cotto? Now that fucking Cotto has told Bob to go stuff his head up his ass, all of a sudden, the fight everybody wants to see is Julio/Margarito. Listen jackass, the only fight people want to see is fucking Julio/Canelo. That's what the people want to see. 100 million Mexicans want to see that fucking fight. Make it happen! Shut up and make it happen! Quit trying to get people fired and do your job.

In closing about Bob, Ben, and I mean this very sincerely, if Bob doesn't like any of what I said and his Thanksgiving turkey, or whatever he eats on Thanksgiving, is ruined, he should've never started this first. He should've never made up lies about me. He should've never went out and tried to undermine my work and tried to throw me under the bus and tried to make me look incompetent. Just let me do my work and let me do my thing and leave me alone. When you try to take the food off of somebody's table, you know, some people will stand up for it and some people won't. I'm definitely not going to sit here with my fucking thumb in my mouth. The next time he says something, you fucking rest assured that I'll have a bunch more shit to say again. He started this Ben. I did not want to go here. But, he came after me and I'm not going to just remain silent and be bullied out. He's like a schoolyard bully, man. If he doesn't like something about you, he'll fucking try to ruin you, try to ruin your reputation, and try to get people to dislike you. Boxing is a small business, bro. You can't say something to one person, another person, and another person, and don't think that it's not going to get back. Whether you like me or you don't like me, a lot of people like the work that I'm doing with the fighters, you know, and a lot of people appreciate it. They say, "Whether I like you or your attitude, I think you're doing good for the fighters. I think you have the best interest for the fighters. We know you care about them." Seriously, you want a war, I'll give you a war you won't believe, Bob. The dynamic of my relationship with these fighters is a lot different than his. My fighters know what we do for them. They get treated like family with us. From Linares to Chavez to Amir Khan and obviously Manny, you know? If he wants to get in the middle of that, that's a fight he better start taking a second look at before he wants to do that. Just make the fights and please, leave me the fuck alone. It's all about his agenda and it's not about what's best for the fighters. The fighters are going to come to see that. We'll see. Again, like I said, maybe I'll wake up and start making phone calls to find out when contracts are expiring.