By Editor | June 22, 2010

In an effort to continuously bring our readers the latest technology in fan interaction, has teamed up with, an egaging video debate community for sports fans. gives fans a unique opportunity to debate topics in the fight world with your friends, family, and colleagues through split-screen video. No more hiding behind screen names. allows you to upload videos and express yourself through video to discuss issues, have a friendly debate or battle it out with fellow viewers. Register today at and then visit our battleground at and let the games begin!

The collaboration between FightHype and Whotheman is the first of its kind and we hope you guys enjoy this new technology and have a lot of fun with it. Instead of your typical sig bets in the FightHype community, put your skills to the test in a real battle of wit and get involved in competitions to win pride, glory, and prizes. Fighters, feel free to join the battleground to call out other fighters, participate in pre-fight smack talk or simply interact more with your fans. Check out more reason why you should get involved with

  1. Battles
    Debate your friends, family, and colleagues through split-screen video on ANY sports topic.

  2. Broadcasts
    Express yourself through video and become a real sportscaster (pants optional).

  3. Blogs
    Having a bad hair day? Not a problem. Tell us what you think through text.

  4. News
    Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the sports world with News Tracker organized by sport and updated every minute.

  5. Achievements
    Better than boy scouts (or brownies for the ladies), receive badges for milestones including overall rank and top ranked battle, broadcast, and blog.

  6. Subscriptions
    Can't wait to see what your friends (and enemies) put up next? Subscribe to them and stay up-to-date on every battle, broadcast, and blog they publish.

  7. Featured Users
    Your hard work will be rewarded when we feature your battle, broadcast, or blog on our homepage and sports pages. It's better than a gold sticker.

  8. Comment
    At work and can't put up a video? Solution: leave a comment on anything that's published and remind people you're still watching.

  9. Share
    No one likes a hog. Publish your stuff on WhoTheMan and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or with your mom. Then, just sit back and watch the debates, broadcasts, and blogs your work stirs up.

  10. WhoTheMan Phone
    It's like Skype*, but cooler. Call any user at any time using our FREE video phone. We recommend sports conversations. (*we are no way affiliated with Skype. The 'cool' factor was based on a vote. Unfortunately no one from Skype was available on voting day.)

  11. WhoTheMan Mail
    Want to tell your arch nemesis you really liked his last post, but don't want anyone else to know? Send him an instant private message at any time.

  12. Customized Profile
    You are unique, just like everyone else. So put up your own display picture, record an intro video about yourself, and fill out all the deetz: favourite sports, teams, players, anything!

  13. Contests
    We're all about competition. Check out our featured contests and find out how you can get involved to win pride, glory, and prizes.

  14. Expose Yourself
    Not literally. We'll help you get your voice heard to a large audience by sharing your published work with our diverse media partnerships.

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