By Ben Thompson | November 01, 2012

"Let's be clear on this, Floyd Mayweather is The Money Team, and he's always been The Money Team. He's the beginning, the middle and the end of The Money Team," stated Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe when informed of recent comments made by upstart promoter Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Yesterday evening, in an effort to promote upcoming bouts for his own fighters, Jackson took to Twitter and made comments regarding his affiliation with former friend, undefeated pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather.

"TMT IS OVER the money team is no longer a team. So it SMS promotions that's it thats all," Jackson would write prior to announcing fights that have yet to made official for IBF featherweight champion Billy Dib and undefeated former super featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa.

"SMSpromotions. Catch IBF CHAMPION BILL DIBB VS. JASON VELEZ DEC.1 Cotto's card lets go New York!!! Don't miss it"

"SMSpromotions Yuriorkis GAMBOA VS. Miguel Beltran on manny pacquiao card VS. Jaun marquez don't miss it."

After that, Jackson continued to focus his attention on his former friendship, making it crystal clear that he no longer had any plans of being affiliated with Mayweather.

"I'm no longer apart or down with TMT promotions. SMSaudio"

"If anyone wants a money team jacket I'm selling mine for a dollar. The nap back hat comes with it. That's a fare price. SMSaudio"

"I move the fighters to SMSpromotion cause the other half of the money team .Didnt put up there $MONEY$.SMSaudio"

"Get your TMT sweat suit NOW!! For just $7.99 on line No shipping and handling.SMSaudio"

Ellerbe made it clear that The Money Team was a concept created by Mayweather long before Jackson's affiliation with the undefeated pound-for-pound champion. "Floyd Mayweather has been getting money long before anybody ever came around him and he will continue to get money for the rest of his life because he is the best, not one of the best, but the best at what he does, and continues to be the best after a decade and a half," he explained. "That's why he's the highest paid athlete in all of sports."

Ellerbe also seemed unimpressed by the moves that Jackson has made thus far in his foray into the sport of boxing. "In my opinion, I'm sure Top Rank is very, very happy and laughing their asses off to be doing business with SMG Promotions [referring to Jackson's SMS Promotions]. They got paid a whole bunch of money to release the fighter [Gamboa], they get to keep the money, and still get to use the fighter. Way to go SMG," Ellerbe commented. "And Billy Dib is a world champion and a very nice guy, but I'm sure he didn't sign up with SMG to be the opponent for, no disrespect, an unrated prospect on somebody else's show. But we wish them nothing but the best in their new promotional venture."

It's unclear as to exactly why Jackson felt the need to discuss his affiliation, or lack thereof, with his former friend when announcing upcoming fights for his own fighters. Considering that the few headlines that did appear today regarding Jackson's comments focused more on what he said about Mayweather than what he's doing for his fighters, one might think that he almost has to use the strained relationship just to get any type of attention from the media for his fledgling promotional company.

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