By Scott Smith | January 30, 2013

"I've already started my training camp since 14th January. It's my 3rd week in tomorrow. I'm looking forward to fighting in the U.S.A. Can't wait...I'm not bothered about a Klitchko. I want to fight to number 1 and face whoever is next. But I want the belt round my waist this year...I'm coming for the WBC world title this year in the backyards. I've arrived," stated heavyweight contender Tyson Fury, who talked about his return to the ring, his future plans, and much more. Check it out!

SS: Congratulations on your victory over Kevin Johnson. I'd say it was your most complete performance to date; good defense, great tactical approach, your discipline, and you dictated the fight from start to finish. How did you assess your performance?

TF: I'm happy with my performance over Johnson. We got from it exactly what was planned.

SS: Would you say Johnson was the toughest guy you faced up to now?

TF: Yes, Johnson's by far the best I've fought; world level against domestic.

SS: The difference in your approach has been very evident since Peter took the role as your trainer, and he has done a wonderful job. Just what is it about Peter's coaching that has taken your game to the next level?

TF: Peter's training is full on and serious and professional. He works on conditioning to suit a fighter and puts the same amount of time in perfecting skills until I get them right. One word, he's a perfectionist!

SS: 2013 looks like it is going to be your biggest year to date, with your U.S. debut up next in April. When are you expecting to begin camp for that fight, or are you waiting for the announcement of the opponent first?

TF: I've already started my training camp since 14th January. It's my 3rd week in tomorrow. I'm looking forward to fighting in the U.S.A. Can't wait!

SS: With the date being pushed back to April, has this affected your training preparations for the fight at all?

TF: Yes, April is a bit long. We tried to get a busy fight in Germany end of February, but the TV people won't have it. But it's no issue. We will easily adapt round to suit us.

SS: What was the reason the fight got pushed back?

TF: I don't know the reason it got pushed back; only assume the venue or TV.

SS: Are you looking to spend your entire camp over in the U.S. or start the camp at home?

TF: I will do most of my camp here in Europe, but 6 weeks before, might set up camp in the States.

SS: Peter mentioned that the Klitschko camp has been in touch and he mentioned that your camp wants the mandatory position, so there is no Klitschko antics in negotiations, which is smart. Worst case scenario, if they are allowed to get away with their antics, are you willing to surrender a large percent of the purse just to make the fight happen?

TF: I'm not bothered about a Klitschko. I want to fight to number 1 and face whoever is next. But I want the belt round my waist this year!

SS: We have seen guys take on the Klitschkos, but hardly any in their prime like yourself. None have had an answer to their reach and jab, but you can certainly compete in that department, so what tools do you reckon you have to break this Klitschko?

TF: I believe I'm the next heavyweight champ of the world. You will see in every fight I have just what I'm capable of bringing to the table.

SS: Is there anybody other than the Klitschkos that you hope come to the table in the next couple of months?

TF: Hennessy is doing a great job. I will fight whoever is in my way, no matter who it is.

SS: There are talks of facing the Arreola vs. Stiverne winner at some point this year, or the Banks vs. Mitchell winner. What are your thoughts on those guys?

TF: Arreola, Stiverne, Banks...all good fighters, and yes, I will fight them if I need to to be WBC champ.

SS: You got a lot of criticism when you surrendered your domestic titles to challenge on the world level. Your progress towards being on the verge of challenging for a world title has definitely gone a long way to silencing them critics. What have you got to say to them?

TF: All the critics can jump off a bridge. They never thought I was going to be anything, yet here I am. They've got it wrong a number of times. We need critics that know boxing, not cream doughnut eaters watching fighters.

SS: I saw Tony Thompson's comments the other day suggesting that you avoided the fight with him. I had to laugh when I saw that. What is your reaction to his comments?

TF: We got offered Thompson by Hennessy. Peter turned it down, as to us, he's a pensioner; in it for a payday. Why do I want him when he got humiliated by Wladimir? That's why we took Johnson, 'cause he put up a fight with Vitali.

SS: A lot was made of your challenge to UFC's Cain Valazquez. When you have accomplished what you want to in boxing, would you ever consider the switch to MMA?

TF: I like to fight, and yeah, why not MMA? I would have a go, no problem.

SS: One thing I admire is the way you just speak your mind, whether it is controversial or not. It annoys me when media start moaning about it. The greatest in every era were great trash talkers and good self-promoters, and you are showing you are very good at that side of the game. We have seen guys like Floyd Mayweather on the 24/7 series saying he plays to the camera to sell the fight. Are you a guy that actually plans mind games for your future opponents to sell fights, or just say what you want at the time?

TF: No, I don't plan anything I say. I just say as I see it at the time.

SS: As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity, and you are definitely using that to your advantage. Are you still considering the option of Celebrity Big Brother, as rumoured?

TF: No, I'm not considering Celebrity Big Brother. I'm too busy winning world titles (laughing).

SS: Who were your boxing idol's growing up?

TF: I always liked Gerry Cooney as a young lad; Larry Holmes, Ali are my heroes.

SS: Anything you wish to say to your fans and fighters out there?

TF: To all my fans, I'm coming for the WBC world title this year in the backyards. I've arrived!

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