By Ben Thompson | May 10, 2013

Sources close to the information have informed us that last Saturday's "MAY DAY: Mayweather vs. Guerrero" pay-per-view event has indeed exceeded 1 million buys. The news comes on the heels of rumors being spread by select individuals in the media, who alleged that the numbers "look bad" and fell short of the 1 million mark. Official numbers have yet to be released, but we're told that a preliminary announcement could come as early as today, though the count is still rising.

This will be the 6th time that a Mayweather pay-per-view event has surpassed 1 million pay-per-view buys. Mayweather still holds the record with his 2007 victory over Oscar De La Hoya, an event that generated $137 million in pay-per-view revenue after 2.46 million buys. His 2012 win over Miguel Cotto is the second-highest grossing non-heavyweight pay-per-view fight, generating $94 million after 1.5 million buys.

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