By Percy Crawford | May 17, 2013

"Yes, being a UFC girl is on my goal list. Like I said previously, I am a very determined and driven woman, so it's not a matter of if; it's just a matter of when it will happen. I believe in being really positive and positive things will happen. I speak with a few people at the UFC, so I guess time will tell," stated FightHype Hottie Allira Cohrs, who talked about her desire to one day be a UFC Octagon Girl. Check out what else she had to say about the UFC, her love of martial arts, and much more!

PC: How is it going down under in Australia?

AC: Everything is amazing, thank you. Australia is such a wonderful place to live, so I am extremely happy to live in a beautiful place.                                                         

PC: Tell us a little bit about some of the magazines and features you have had with your modeling career.

AC: My career has been going for several years. I have appeared in FHM magazine Australia and FHM's overseas, MAXIM Magazine, FIGHT magazine in the US, Fist Fight Australia; the list goes on. I am extremely fortunate that my career has been able to sustain for so long. I am a very dedicated person with my work, so it's not about luck in my industry; it's hard work, and of course being lovely helps also. It has always been a goal and dream of mine to appear on Sports Illustrated, and I have been blessed a few times to grace their sites as a model.

PC: Do you have a favorite photo shoot? Do you feel there is that one shoot that really captured your beauty?

AC: I always get excited every time I get my proofs back from my shoots. I wouldn't say I have a favorite shoot, as my goal is to out-do the last shoot I did. If I had to choose, it would most likely be my recent MAXIM AU shoot. I really feel we captured a beautiful feminine story within the shoot. The location was amazing. It was just an out of this world shoot.

PC: Your goal is to be a UFC Octagon Girl and you have actually had some preliminary talks with Dana White and company. Are you still in talks with them?

AC: Yes, being a UFC girl is on my goal list. Like I said previously, I am a very determined and driven woman, so it's not a matter of if; it's just a matter of when it will happen. I believe in being really positive and positive things will happen. I speak with a few people at the UFC, so I guess time will tell.

PC: The UFC will be coming to Australia in December if I'm not mistaken. It's rare that they go out there, but is your plan to just be an Octagon Girl when they are in Australia or do you want to become one full-time and move to the States?

AC: I am currently in the process of finalizing my USA visa. Of course I want to be the Australian UFC Octagon Girl, but my ultimate goal is to be an Octagon Girl internationally. I don't believe in shutting yourself off to opportunities, so I am really excited for what the future holds in this area.

PC: What is it about the UFC that first attracted you to the organization and the sport of MMA in general?

AC: I practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so I love that side of the sport. Initially, I was drawn to the UFC by the brutality of it, but once I learned more about the sport, I became addicted to the level of athleticism within it. These men and women are so well conditioned and train their bums off; it's just cool to watch it all unfold.


PC: You actually do some kickboxing if I'm not mistaken, right?

AC: I do kickboxing for fitness, but have decided to really step it up and get some private lessons. I am a personal trainer, so learning new routines is always a must for my clients.

PC: The fact that the UFC has allowed women to fight in the organization now, are you a fan of it or not so much? I know some women really don't get into females fighting.

AC: I really enjoy it. I think it was inevitable for it to happen. Why should all the boys have fun? These women know what they are getting themselves into, and the majority of them are absolute machines. I can understand the touchy side to it, but they are big girls; they know what they are doing.

PC: I understand you are a huge Floyd Mayweather fan and a Money Team supporter. What is it about Floyd that you like so much?

AC: His last fight versus Guerrero, I just sat in front of my TV in awe. He is unbelievable; the greatest of all time. The way he moves, it's hard to put into words. I have always been a fan of boxing, ever since a young age. My grandfather used to sit me down and let me watch fights with him. I enjoy anything fitness related, so to see someone like Floyd Mayweather just dance around his opponent and come out looking fresh and unscathed, it's just mind-blowing to me. True Champion!

PC: You obviously stay very fit. What does your workout regimen consist of?

AC: My regime changes all the time. I have a philosophy of "Train the same, Stay the same," so I am forever mixing it up. I practice BJJ 2-3 times a week, weights almost every day, and cardio every day without fail. I love interval sprints, so running stairs has to be a favourite of mine.

PC: Can you think of the worst pickup line - Twitter, inbox message or anything - that you have heard?

AC: I find them hilarious, but I honestly don't even buy into them, so I cannot remember any. Keep it real guys; cheesy lines are for movies.

PC: I wish you the best of luck in your quest to get involved with the UFC. Is there anyone you would like to thank before I let you go; sponsors, friends or anything?

AC: Ah, thank you very much for having me, and I really hope you all see a bit more of me in the USA. Just a big thank you to my friends and family; everyone who follows my work and encourages me.

[Writer's note: FightHype would like to credit Neil Dixon for the photos featured in this article.]

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