By Percy Crawford | October 11, 2013

"I just want to show everybody that I'm someone to look out for and show everybody that I am a true middleweight and I'm coming for the title. So every fight, I just want to put on the best possible performance that I can put on. I just listen to my corner. I trust my coach and I just work off of that," stated up-and-coming middleweight Terrell Gausha, who talked about his most recent performance, his future plans, and much more. Check it out!

PC: It's funny man, I was walking into the arena for your last fight and I see a guy walking past me who had obviously just fought and he had a big towel over his eye being led to the back; I knew your fight didn't last long.

TG: (Laughing) Yeah, it lasted like a minute and a few seconds into the first round.

PC: You didn't get a lot of work in, but how do you feel about the work you were able to get in?

TG: I felt like I did pretty good. I was able to take my time. I'm starting to take my time. Even though it ended early, I didn't rush any of my punches. I sat back and broke him down. I didn't get touched not one time. I was hoping that I could be able to get more work, but I don't get paid for overtime, so I had to get him out of there, you know.

PC: Without a doubt. Al keeps you guys busy. Do you like staying busy or would you like a longer break in between fights?

TG: I like to stay busy. He checks with us to see when we want to fight and I like to stay rolling because most of my fights end in the first round; no need to rest really after that because you didn't have to put a ton of work in, so you can get right back in there. If I have a rough fight or a fight where I really gotta put in work or go the distance, maybe it's good to rest sometimes, but I haven't had a rough fight yet, so I'm taking them as they come.

PC: How long did you take off before you were back in the gym?

TG: I just took the weekend off, to tell you the truth, and actually, I ran that night after I fought. I just been focused trying to get my wins because right now, it's like I ain't did nothing yet. I'm trying to get to a point where...I want to be the champion, so right now, I'm just working. I'm trying to make a career out of this and get as many fights as I can and then next year, be looking to get me a title or something.

PC: You were able to get several fights under your belt this year. How do you feel like you progressed from fight to fight?

TG: I feel like I got better each fight. I had a big test in one of my fights already. I got caught with a big shot and I had to pick myself up and finish the fight and come on tough. So each fight, I have just been learning and working with my coach and we pick up on where we left off and work on a lot of mistakes. I just been feeling good about how my career has been going.

PC: Is middleweight the division you will make your mark or do you wanna move around?

TG: I'm stocked in with the middleweight thing. I feel great as far as my strength and the way I feel. I'm able to eat good and make the weight without straining. I feel good at middleweight.

PC: Do you want to fight again this year or are you good until 2014?

TG: I had 6 fights already this year and I'm trying to get 2 more, to tell you the truth. I'm trying to get 8 before the year is out. We are pushing for 8, but if we get 7, that's cool too, but I'm pushing for 8.

PC: What type of statement do you look to make from fight to fight at this young stage of your career?

TG: To tell you the truth, I just want to show everybody that I'm someone to look out for and show everybody that I am a true middleweight and I'm coming for the title. So every fight, I just want to put on the best possible performance that I can put on. I just listen to my corner. I trust my coach and I just work off of that.

PC: Who are some of the guys you enjoy watching right now?

TG: I'm a student of the game, so I watch a lot of people, to tell you the truth. It goes without saying Floyd Mayweather. He paved the way for us young guys to be able to make our mark in this sport. He is one of them, and people like my Olympian brother Rau'Shee Warren. He motivated me a lot; Adrien Broner and all of them Ohio boys. Just people like that.

PC: You guys coming up now have to not just understand the business inside of the ring, but the business outside of the ring as well as opposed to fighters of the past, who didn't really pay close attention to the business outside of the ring. How important is it to you to know both ends of the spectrum?

TG: It's definitely a big part of it, the business side of things. I just study the game and take notes. It's a lot more to learn and I just take it one day at a time and I'm doing good so far.

PC: At the weigh-in for Mayweather/Canelo, a lot of talent was brought on that stage, both you young guys and veterans. What does that say about the future of boxing in your opinion?

TG: It just means boxing is still alive and there is a lot of talent out there. We have a lot of years left to go and it ain't dead at all. We about to make a big impact on boxing. That was a big week, the Mayweather/Canelo week, and I was just happy to be a part of it, you know.

PC: What was it like to fight that week and be down there for that big event?

TG: It definitely was a night I will never forget. I feel like I was a part of history. That was my first time seeing a Mayweather fight in person and I can say I was there. It was big for me to be a part of that because he is like the Ali of our time, so it just was a part of history in boxing for me.

PC: Thanks for your time. We will definitely be in touch. Is there anything else you want to add?

TG: No, it's cool. Good looking out for hitting me up, bruh!

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