By Ben Thompson | October 30, 2013

"Kid is so stuck on the plan that I guess his people want to do with him probably fighting [Danny] Jacobs. He's so stuck with that plan that he's being a puppet right now and he's playing the yes man," stated middleweight contender Gabriel Rosado, who shared his thoughts on WBO middleweight champion Peter Quillin and his apparent unwillingness to do a rematch following their entertaining, yet unfulfilling clash this past Saturday in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Although Quillin walked away with the victory, Rosado was coming on strong and the fight appeared to be up for grabs when it was suddenly stopped in the 10th round due to a cut that Rosado received over his eye from a punch. Although Rosado's corner seemed to get the bleeding under control, one of the doctors was quick to rule that he could not continue, despite his own pleas to the contrary, leaving many to feel that the two fighters still have unfinished business.

"Danny Garcia, what I like about Danny is he got the same people, but he's the type of nigga to say, 'No, give me him. I want him.' When Danny fought Amir Khan, that wasn't nobody setting that up for him. Danny and his pop called Khan out, and then he knocked him out. Danny didn't have to fight [Lucas] Matthysse, but they called Matthysse out. They said, 'Alright, we want Matthysse.' That's what separates the two different champions," Rosado explained as he called into question Quillin's legitimacy as a champion. "Danny is a legit champ. Kid, what kind of champ is he? For real, for real, he could do it how Danny's doing it. Danny's like, 'No, I want this dude,' and they gave it to him. So right now, Kid could be like, 'Yo, I want Rosado. I don't care if y'all talking this fight, that fight, whatever, but I want Rosado,' and they would make that happen. It's crazy, man. Every true champion always does that. Sugar Ray Leonard, when he lost to Duran, he wanted another rematch with Duran and he beat Duran. Even Floyd did it when he fought Castillo. Gatti and Ward, they did it three times. Chico Corrales and Castillo; that's what true champions do."

As far as Rosado is concerned, if there was ever a fight that deserved a rematch, it's this one. The fact that Quillin seems uninterested and appears eager to put the fight behind him has Rosado questioning just how much respect fans should have for a champion unwilling to clear up any doubt. "Now he's acting like there wasn't no controversy. Are you serious, dawg? That's crazy. That's what champs do, man. When people talking and they want to set the record straight, they say, 'Nah, fuck this. Yo, let's make this happen.' He's not doing that right now. You like a punk, yo. Like, you a straight punk, for real, for real. I had respect for Kid because I knew him personally, but yo, I've gotten to know him on another level now and we're not built the same. Me and Kid not built the same, for real, for real. He a different dude. Me and him not built the same, yo. I thought Kid was better than that. It's crazy, man," Rosado continued. "It's like, if you a champ, people gonna have more respect for you if you fight me. He gonna lose mad credibility if he doesn't fight me because that's just how it works. You know, fans will turn on your ass quick as shit. You gotta stay loyal to the fans or they will turn on you, and real talk, that's what's happening. He's turning fans off. If he don't fight me in the rematch and he go another route, no matter how good he looks in that fight, everybody's gonna say, 'You still got your ass whipped by Rosado. You need to clean that up.' If he'd say, 'Yo, I'ma give Rosado a rematch,' at least people are going to respect him for it. Even if he was to lose, people would still respect him for doing it. When I lost to Triple G [Gennady Golovkin], people still respected me because I fought Triple G and I was man enough to fight Triple G when everybody was ducking him. I didn't lose credibility for that. He's losing credibility right now because it's like, 'Dude, you talking like you won decisively.' It's crazy, man."


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