By Ben Thompson | December 27, 2013

"They're screaming for Manny to fight Floyd, but let's face it, Manny got knocked down and he didn't get up. Now they're already back screaming for this fight, okay, after Manny got put to sleep. But Amir finishes on his feet," stated world-class trainer Virgil Hunter, who shared his opinion on why his fighter, former jr. welterweight champion Amir Khan, is just as worthy to face undefeated pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather as any other potential opponent, including multi-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. As far as Hunter is concerned, Khan is just as much of an athlete as Pacquiao, who many have long been wanting to see Mayweather fight. In fact, Hunter strongly believes that Khan can match, or even exceed, Pacquiao in several attributes, including hand speed, combination punching, foot work, and even recuperative powers.

"See, that's why I'm saying, who really can take a punch. He's got great recuperative powers. I've seen so-called granite chin guys get cracked, and they don't get back up. They need to understand all the things that make up boxing and what can happen on any given night. Amir Khan is an athlete that's still developing; a guy that still has an upside and, on any given night, who can fight way out of himself," Hunter explained during a recent conversation with "And the same can be said for Floyd; a great champion can fight way out of himself, but let's say for the sake of saying it that Amir does fight way out of himself. Well, for Floyd to win, he's going to have to fight way out of himself, so that there is a great fight."

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