By Percy Crawford | January 02, 2014

"Now that Adrien Broner done got knocked off, half of these motherfuckers ain't never had a street fight and you gonna sit there and critique. The young bol still made money and guess what! He's gonna make money in the next fight. The same dudes that's talking about him gonna tune right in for his next fight to look to see what he do. So he gets another check; he ain't even done there. I just know he is a street dude and I hope he don't go in one of these dudes mouth at a gas station or some stupid shit, because a lot of people have a lot to say right now. I'm just hoping the young bol don't feed into nothing in the streets for these cats that wanna talk," stated world-class trainer Naazim Richardson, who shared his thoughts on Adrien Broner's upset loss to Marcos Maidana and the criticism he's received after suffering the first defeat of his professional career. As far as Richardson is concerned, a lot of the negative feedback that Broner is receiving is backlash stemming not just from his own antics, but from people longing for the day that undefeated pound-for-pound king Floyd "Money" Mayweather loses.

"As far as Mike Stafford goes and his training ability, I remember when we beat Antonio Margarito, I told them, 'It's only gonna be a short time before y'all are talking about Mike Stafford. I called him up there," Richardson continued as he supported Broner's trainer and fellow amateur coach Mike Stafford. "The way I look at it, man, this young athlete took a short, like many athletes have, but my thing is, I'm going in gyms and listening to coaches just beat him up and badmouth him and then I done watched these same guys badmouthing have guys get beat up and their fighters never even get a shot at a world title. Look here man, the kid took a beating. He ran his mouth and paid the price for it, but he took a chance with it. If he wouldn't have ran his mouth, he may never be where he is today," he explained. "It's just the public wants Mayweather to lose so bad that Broner is getting Mayweather backlash. They were hoping they could do this to Mayweather some day and it ain't happened yet because he hasn't took a L or a short, so they giving the extra to him. He getting that backlash from that. 'We ain't been able to say this about Mayweather.' It's just like anything, when a joker can't beat the older brother, they try to pick on the younger brother. At the end of the day, he's a young bol and I'm just hoping he don't feed into nothing foolish of people trying to entice him into some shit."

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