By Percy Crawford | August 18, 2014

"It will be worse for Jon in January. I'll be 100% healthy, so honestly, he's only making it worse on himself. I was more than willing to fight Jon with a very similar injury, but he's not willing to do that. Jon has so many weaknesses and that's gonna be what I use to beat him. But, this gives me time to actually have a full training camp and be at my best," stated undefeated UFC light heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier, who shared his thoughts on the postponement of his highly-anticipated showdown with UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

It was revealed last week that Jones had suffered a leg injury in training, forcing the postponement of the grudge match with Cormier. The bout was originally set to headline UFC 178 on September 27. Instead, it appears Jones and Cormier will now face off at UFC 182 on January 3 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. "No disrespect to Gustaffson at all, I think he's a great fighter, but we captured lightning in a bottle with this fight between Jon and I and the UFC has to move forward with that fight," Cormier added. "This is a huge fight, period; not just a huge MMA fight, but a huge fight on the grand scale and they have to do this fight in January. It makes all the sense in the world. I naturally don't like the guy [Jon Jones], so it's not gonna be any problem to re-hype this thing."

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